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3 Steps To Great Bed Head

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Post by: Sofia Pastro

Bed head is defined in the urban dictionary as “Hair messed up and untidy after sleep.” I think most people have this challenge in the morning, as we have to sleep sometime. The only time in history that we could get away with this tousled and disheveled look was in the 90’s. Ah the grunge era; people spend almost an hour in the morning fussing with gel and hairspray to make it look like they did nothing with it since they woke up.
So what is to be done? 

One: Silk pillow cases. When we sleep most of us move around, some more than others. When our hair rubs against the pillow case, which is usually cotton, it causes friction and static. Silk pillow cases reduce the frizz by reducing friction. If you don’t want to buy silk pillow cases you can always buy a one meter piece of silk fabric from the clearance section and wrap it around your head before going to bed. Side note: your partner might question your methods, but take solace in the fact you are giving yourself more sleep, which in turn will help you be more patient with them as you explain your reasoning.
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Two: After you wash your hair, always rinse with cold water. I can be extremely difficult, especially if you are a hot shower lover like me. I try to lean back as only to get my hair and not my back, but if you have a removable nozzle for a shower head, consider that gold! The cold water help close the cuticle of the hair and again, reduces frizz. I wouldn’t recommend going to bed with wet hair, so wash and cold rinse in the morning. This should still effect your next morning hair because your starting from a closed cuticle place.


Three: Plan ahead. If you normally go 3 days without washing, start day one with less product and then build on it as you go. Use a spray bottle to mist down your hair and apply more product on day two and repeat on day three. By not putting too much product in on the first day, you reduce your need to rinse the whole thing down and start from scratch, which is super time consuming.

I hope that helps you with your bedhead and hair happiness! If you have any more hair questions, check out my website at


Happy styling!

Stylist, Sofia Pastro Loves all things hair

Stylist, Sofia Pastro
Loves all things hair




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