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4 Fashion Accessory Must-Do’s!

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Any well dressed fashion maven will tell you that your ‘look’ is not complete without those finishing touches that can make or break an outfit.

Accessories, timeless ‘touches’ that are just as important as the outfits they are selected to adorn.  They hold a strong place in our history of beautification, giving us the means in which to express our individual tastes and style.

The History Of Jewelry and Accessories

Early in the development of humanity, jewelry and accessories were created as auspicious amulets, used to guard against evil inauspicious spirits or surroundings.  These amulets were also worn to demonstrate status and the condition of their owner, for example, the accessories of the priest were

Beautiful African beaded scarf - Hakuna Mata Designs

Beautiful African beaded scarf – Hakuna Mata Designs

of a higher quality adorned more excessively than that of the warrior.  There was also a big difference between the accessories and jewelry amulets of various tribes. Different tribes had various totem animals and preferred various colors of amulets and auspicious accessories to demonstrate their spiritual views on life.

Fast forward a few thousand years and not much has changed.  Accessories have splintered into various categories that convey mood, status, emotion and expression. To properly capture your accessory style, consider the following 4 points to ensure you don’t miss your fashion mark:

1. Bracelets, earrings and brooches…

…they are more commonly used to add finishing touches when accessorizing outfits. The secret to wearing accessories well is understanding the proper scale of what to wear for your body type and personality.  Wearing bulk that creates more bulk is not the result you are trying to achieve. If unsure, ask for a second opinion before purchasing. It may look good on the counter but not on your body.  Right now, the trend is leaning towards oversized accessories.  I love the look, but have to be careful it doesn’t overtake my style and the clothes I’m wearing.  Again, just because it’s the trend doesn’t mean you have to follow it.  Jewelry designer, Aleita Laird creates beautiful, classic pieces that enhances your style using semi precious stones.  As a jewelry designer, she understands her clients’ needs and works with them to create what they love wearing.

Autumn Gold - Aleita Laird Designs

Autumn Gold – Aleita Laird Designs


2. Footwear…

… once a functional item, shoes and boots have become their own fashion power.  Shoe designer icons, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavelli, Christian Louboutin just to name a few, have left their incredible mark on the accessory fashion landscape with their much coveted designs and craftsmanship.  If designer labels don’t quite fit your budget, search out well made shoes that wear well.  Nothing worse than wearing ill fitting shoes made out of materials destined to fall apart in the near future which means you have to buy them over and over again. Although it may cost a bit more initially, it pays off.  Personally, I can’t afford to buy cheap.




















3. Colour…

… plays a strong role in accessorizing.  Trends tend to lead the way as in most fashion apparel, accessories are not any different.  It’s fun to choose the ‘colour’ of the day, however, before going down the trendy path, first consider the dominant colours in your wardrobe.  Would the current colour trend clash or enhance your clothing?  Colour is a fabulous way to add drama and pizzazz to an otherwise plain look, but keep in mind it must enhance and not detract from the look.  If you end up looking sallow, pale or just plain scary, you missed the mark.  Ask for a second opinion.

Bold & Bodacious colour, gorgeous but not for everyone.

Bold & bodacious colour, gorgeous but not for everyone.


4.  Purses…

….I LOVE bags!  Actually, I collect them more than I wear them.  If you’ve seen me out and about, I’m usually wearing a small Tommy Hilfiger pouch that holds very little.  I stop when I see a beautiful bag. Bags tell a story of the person wearing it. Consciously or subconsciously, we choose bags that give us a heady touch of glam that we may not bring in anywhere else.  We can be almost covetous about our bag collection and why not? For some of us, it may have taken a long time to find the bag of our dreams. Tamara Passmore of  Wear Well Fashions, hosts a unique and beautiful line of handbags that are manufactured solely in Turkey.  Check out her website and maybe you too will be the owner of a bag not many are wearing (yet) in North America!

Wear Well Fashions - popular Satchel

Wear Well Fashions – popular Satchel

Whatever your style, kick it up a notch with the right accessories. Be as bold as you can be and express yourself to the world. Have fun!

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