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5 Tips To Glow This Summer

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Post by: Melodie Reynolds/Elate Cosmetics

Hello to my fellow beach-loving babes! We all love the feel of the summer sun on our skin, pumping our bodies full of good vibrations and Vitamin D. But, before we all rush to grab our suits, let’s take a moment to remember to protect our skin as we  rock that awesome Summer glow. Here are 5 tips to keep you bronzed, blissful and beautiful.


1. Stay Hydrated. 

Drinking water as well as eating water filled fruits and veggies will keep you cool and refreshed, while keeping you hydrated. My two Summer faves are watermelon and cucumbers! Use skincare products that help your skin retain moisture, and protect you from drying out. Your summer skin should be slightly more ‘dewy’ looking than your winter skin-without looking oily. This glowing layer is known as the hydro-lipidic film, and it is your natural protection from dehydration. Most of us are missing this layer from using harsh cleansers so softening up you cleansing routine will help keep your skin healthy as well. Try Jojoba or Camillia oil as a moisturiser – simple, effective.

Be sun smart and keep your skin hydrated!

Be sun smart and keep your skin hydrated!

2. Stay Protected.

Always always always….use a sun cream, or a cosmetics product with an SPF factor of at least 15. Cover up, stay in the shade. As I always say, I love the sun…but I hate skin cancer!

I suggest, : Victoria made sunscreen by Nezza Naturals or Elate Cosmetics Fresh Tint Foundation with a natural SPF 15.


 3. Bronze it up!

Since you will be doing a stellar job of protecting your skin, you won’t be as ‘tan’ as you once were. Adding bronzer to your daily routine will give you that summer glow you crave. You can apply to the entire face, just the cheek bones, or even use it as an eyeshadow. The Elate Goddess glow bronzer can also be mixed with body oil or sunscreen and applied all over the body!

Elate Cosmetics Bronzer

Elate Cosmetics Bronzer

4. Summer smokey eyes.

Don’t be afraid of smokey eyes! With the bright days and late sunsets, you can rock a smokey eye to the office, and beyond. Add a dark brown shadow to the corners of your eye, or a medium grey to the crease. A thin band of liner will accentuate the shape of your eye, and help open up your gaze, keep it sharp for a polished look or smudge it for a sexier gaze.. Keep the centre of the lid light for an airy feel. Highlight the inner corner and brow bone for a glowing look, add sparkle….and shine!


5. Lips

Keep those lips soft and supple! Use lip balm with sunscreen, and stick to lip products made with supple butters, such as Shea and Mango Seed. Exfoliate lips with a bit of brown sugar and coconut oil before bed, and before apply lipsticks.



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