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5 Top Victoria Coffee Spots – Editor Picks

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If you’re a diligent coffee drinker then you appreciate its rich, aromatic, eye opening attributes and look forward to those moments when you take a break with one in hand.  People have enjoyed the great taste of coffee for a millennia and I don’t see its popularity slowing down any-time soon.


Actually, not only is its appeal not slowing down, coffee has turned into a veritable art form.


Not being an actual coffee aficionado myself, I do know what I like and part of the experience includes the ambiance where I enjoy ordering, the service provided and the ability to get social while partaking in a brilliantly brewed cuppa java.

I mention the social aspects of the coffee experience because I believe it’s what makes this drink’s phenomena so pervasive.  Think about it.  Drinking coffee allows us to sit with friends and family and discuss various topics of our lives. Where else can you go and spend just a couple of bucks for your coffee of choice and spend a good hour or so talking with good friends. Add a couple of comfortable chairs and pipe in some good music and you’re good to go.


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Sitting in your favourite coffee spot is almost a meditative exercise.  I especially enjoy sitting with my laptop as I create.  The white noise in the background provides bits and pieces of whimsy in the moment.  I find myself focusing less on the noise in my head which in turn allows pure creative thought to flow my way.


Victoria and surrounding areas are a major hub for coffee houses.  In my short time here, I’ve visited many and still have many more yet to see, but I’ve settled on the following 5 as my top picks, at least for now.


Don’t be shy to comment below sharing your top spots for coffee and why you think so.  Perhaps I’ll find a few more unique finds!


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1.  The Stick In The Mud – Sooke, BC

2.  Union Pacific Coffee

3.  Moka House – Cooke St.

4.  Caffe Fantastico – Parkside Hotel

5.  Bean Around The World – Chinatown



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