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5 Unique Boutiques Found in Victoria

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Post by: Josh Pool

Victoria is home to an assortment of unique and beautiful boutiques in and around its downtown core.

Countless times I’ve heard it said how overwhelming it can be to shop downtown, whether it be the traffic, parking, or simply not knowing where to shop.  Although not in a position to change the roadways or the parking systems, I can direct you to a sampling of truly special and unique boutiques to make shopping easier for you.

I’ve listed my choice of the Top 5 Most Unique Boutiques Downtown.  I focused on those boutiques that offered special or unique qualities typically not found elsewhere. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list only a guide to help you explore places you might have not considered. Who knows, maybe you might find a new favourite!

Heart’s Content

Having been around for almost as long as I have been alive, this gem is tucked away in one of the most iconic places in Victoria, Fan Tan Alley. Once you you’ve located the alley, it’s easy to find Heart’s Content. Upon entering, you’re greeted with an explosion of Mod, punk, and Brit clothing and accessories. Even if  you don’t typically wear this style of clothing, they offer up a large variety of items that can bring a bit of edge to any outfit in your closet. Their inventory is so large I could write a separate article just to cover it all, instead I will allow you to explore and discover it on your own.

Heart's Content

Heart’s Content

Paradise Boutique

This quaint little shop is located on Johnson St, just up from Government on the right-hand-side. What makes this store different is not only do they carry clothing lines from independent designers but also from the owners and their lovely mother, who creates amazing bathing suits. On top of this, their prices are comparable to big box stores. All combined, you’ll be hard pressed to find a place that offers such unique and exclusive items for the value.


Michael Negrin

This boutique in not just unique to Victoria but also Canada.

They feature beautiful Victorian clothing and accessories originating from Israel. Playing on fantasy, their pieces evoke a dreamy elegance with intricate details contained within each. Entering this boutique is a trip into the imagination. It’s a feast for the senses.  This beautiful space is located on Government,  between Yates and View.

Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin


Found near Johnson St, on Government, this store is quite possibly the only place in Victoria you’ll find military styled items with military grade quality.  Aside from being a military surplus store, they carry a host of other brands to choose from. Even if not expecting to encounter enemy fire or the rugged terrain of the wilderness, you can be sure that it will last longer than any of the replicas found out there.


Melissa Caron

Among the numerous jewellers located downtown, this boutique, located on Courtney St, is worth the time to visit. Melissa, a self taught goldsmith, creates the finely detailed pieces herself.  She combines her passion for dance, travel, and the arts in each item she creates, giving it a true West Coast feel. While there, ask her about the story behind each piece, you’ll be fascinated by what you learn.  As she put’s it, “her pieces are not just accessories, they are sculptural art for body adornment. Wearable art to covet and adore for a lifetime”.


Melissa Caron Jewellers

Share your favourite spots around town with us.  We would love to hear about your special boutiques found downtown and around.

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