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8 Parts To Finding Your Life Purpose

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Dear Junie, 

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to find my life’s purpose.  I’ve tried several things throughout my life and nothing works out in my favour no matter what I do.  I’m getting older and I’m starting to panic.  How do I discover my path?


Dear Sandy,

Thank you for your question. It is indeed an important one that I am certain many people are asking themselves these days.

When I was growing up, we didn’t think so much about a life’s purpose. Instead work was the place we went to earn money to pay the bills and even if we didn’t like it, we rarely quit.  Many people earned their gold watch for 25 years of service with the same company whether they liked being there or not.

Luckily that is no longer the case. There are countless opportunities and countless ways of being in the world with our gifts and talents – and all of it depends on a mindset. Why?  Because when we validate the goodness inside of us and want to share it for the betterment of all concerned and take the steps to get there  – life unfolds in wondrous ways.

I am going to answer your question by breaking it into 7 parts plus a writing prompt.

Part 1:  No matter how hard I try…

Life is not meant to be hard, Sandy. That comes from an the  paradigm  “no pain, no gain which simply does not work. Instead it perpetuates perfectionism and we just keep trying harder to ‘get it right’.   Also ‘trying’ does not get us there.  Doing does.  But not any kind of ‘doing’. The kind that comes from inspired actions.  Take time be still and listen to your heart.  Allow a deeper wisdom to guide your next steps which will bring about ease and grace instead of efforting.

Part 2:  I can’t seem to find my life’s purpose 

Life’s purpose:  Now that’s a big one!  It’s exciting and not to be taken lightly if we really want to live the life we love!

Living our true purpose is more than a job – it is a way of life. Again, it’s a mindset. What you do when are at work is the same energy you carry with you when you prepare a meal, wash dishes, visit your mother or conversing with the grocery store clerk.

When we are living our true purpose, we are aligned with our truest nature and highest values.  We feel happy. Inspiration flows through us;  we are at the right place at the right time and attract fabulous people to accompany us on our path. Simply put, we find ourselves in the flow of life.  Even when there are challenges, we trust ourselves to know we will be given the best solutions in order to solve them. We no longer worry.

Part 3: I’ve tried several things throughout my life and nothing works out in my favour. 

When you say nothing works out no matter what you do, is it because you dislike it, you have lousy bosses or that you don’t make enough money?  Decide what it is that doesn’t work out in your favour and see if there are common reasons for it.

This can be key.  Are you choosing things that would please someone else and not yourself?  Have you taken jobs just for the money but don’t align with your heart? Or have you not had the confidence to believe you have something fabulous to offer.

Perhaps there are similar patterns in each of the things that you have tried that don’t work out. Be open to receive the learnings that these experiences have come to teach you.  Don’t let undesired results from the past undermine your confidence.

What if all the people who we admire quit because ‘it didn’t work out’. We don’t admire people because they got to the top, we admire them for what they did beyond adversity in order to get there.

Part 4.  no matter what I do.

Again, it’s not about ‘doing’ – in the way we think about that word.  You have probably heard these profound words before:  “Do nothing and all will be done”.   It simply means

stepping aside, becoming still  in order to hear the whisperings of our Higher Self that is always ready to guide us to our  greatest destiny.  How liberating it is to let go and let Life lead the way! Try it. You’ll love it!

Part 5 – I’m getting older

How wonderful is that!  My wise mother said, “Junie, you are never old when you are happy.”  She was right! Simply reframe your thinking so that you can re-write that story of ‘old’ and ‘older’. You have so much more knowledge and wisdom inside of you that you didn’t have when you were younger. Now you can offer those teachings to those who will gain by hearing them.

So gather up what you have learned and accomplished and celebrate that!  Luxuriate in the things you are good at. Often we are good at them because they come naturally and we like to do them. They are your gifts and talents. Don’t take them for granted. It is exactly those things that can point you to your life’s purpose.

Also getting even better at what you are already good at can lead to better opportunities.  This could mean, for example, taking some college courses. The course could take a year or two but so what. You will be the same age in a year or two whether you take the course or not, so why not invest in something that you are passionate about which could bring you along the path to your life’s purpose.

Part 6:  I’m starting to panic

For heaven’s sake, don’t panic!  That will keep you in a low energetic vibration where you will stay stuck and make decisions that are not heart based. Panic takes you down the path of fear and we all know only too well where that path can lead. Don’t go there!

Part 7  How do I discover my path?

Much of what I have written above will help you with this question. Here is how I will summarize it.

Visualize your life the way you would want it to be and start living that right now. Don’t wait for a life purpose to show up.  Your path is already here. You are on a path. If there

are blockages, choose a different one. Don’t try and push the river. And besides, our life’s purpose may change many times. It is not necessarily a onetime thing. We are multi-dimensional beings with multi-dimensional interests which are apt to change as we do.

You must be willing to change with them so you don’t get locked into something that no longer turns you on.

In other words do the things you love to do and be the person you want to be now.

Have you considered putting your gifts and talents into a home based business – becoming a socially conscious entrepreneur doing what you love?

And by the way, you don’t have to do it alone.  There will be others who have the same interests as you who may just love to partner with you.  We don’t have to do things alone any more.  Find out who they are! Check out the ‘meet up’ groups.  The days of the lone wolf are over now. Harmonious collaborations with like-minded others is a wonderful way to go.

Become the innocent child – ready to explore life with brand new eyes. Get up each morning saying ‘thank you for a brand new day” and open yourself to the possibility of beautiful things to unfold. In fact, expect them. And know, that whatever we focus on expands so focus on what you love.

Remember you are awesome!  You are unique. You have so much to offer~ So pull the Stops. Be bold and say “Yes” to Life!

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.  Helen Keller And let me give you a gift. Please yourself to my CD- Click this link – Unleash Your Passion, Creativity and Highest Potential. It is a series of guided meditations I wrote and recorded especially to get in touch with our lost dreams in order to live the life we love. It is an automatic download which you can begin listening to right away.

And now – Here’s your opportunity to get further clarity from your Higher Self through writing.  Create a special hour of undisturbed time just for you.  Light a candle, play soft music if you like. Breathe deeply and begin.

Writing prompt:

When I am truly honest with myself, what comes to mind when I think about my life’s purpose is…

Tip – You may wish to listen to Unleash Your Passion, Creativity and Highest Potential beforehand. Also you can contemplate the writing prompt before you go to sleep. Your subconscious mind will take hold of it during dreamtime and upon awakening, grab your journal and allow your writing to become your meditation on the page.

All blessings,


The sweet whisperings of your soul meet you on the page and something shifts. You strengthen. You begin to stand taller and one day you notice that your voice on the page has become your voice in the world.  ~ Junie Swadron

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