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I’m Pamela Sylvan and yes, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this jazzy magazine that’s quickly gaining a big voice.

Pam imageThe first thing people usually want to know is what brought me to the West Coast paradise called Victoria BC and why start a mag.

Moving here was an indirect blessing worthy of conversation another time.

Successfully launching Downtown and Around was my way of expressing out to the world.  This coastal city held the beauty and mystique that brought life and vigor to a once weary mind and I wanted to share that.

Along with the natural beauty of this place, my need to share stories and shine a light on those tucked away in the shadows created the basis of what I share here within these many pages.

As D & A’s leader, my hands are full with all its moving parts, yet I find time to play full out in my second role as a publicist or as I like to call it, a ‘be seen-ologist’.

So, if you require a voice, mouthpiece, negotiator, way-shower, storyteller, image maker, or just need a clear cut way to get your business seen, I’m your woman. I do it all and I do it with elegance, style and a whole lot fun, because it’s really the only way to do anything.

So here I am…doing my thing everyday bringing you the best that comes within my range and scope.

Come along and enjoy the journey, I’m all prepped to bring you all that is needed to ensure that you do!

Much love….






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