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The Art Of Belonging – She Shows You How

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A sense of belonging.

It’s a strong biological need within most of us. We are pulled to things, people and places that give us a sense of comfort or at the very least a warm glow when we fondly look back on our past.

Local artist, Suzanne Heron enhances that secure feeling of belonging with her work.  By creating ‘art about places people love’, a sense of belonging is immediately triggered in those who instantly recognize the scenes portrayed by Heron.

Greeting Card - Home For Christmas

Greeting Card – Home For Christmas

As we talked about how her now popular calendar series began, I could hear the passion and love for the work she creates.  She strongly believes in connection. Bringing joy to places we love is what it’s all about, cited Heron, especially if we can share that feeling with friends, family and even business associates.

The advent of her Art Cards, Greeting Cards and Calendar series have made Heron somewhat of a specialist on the local landscape. Her work tells a story. Each piece elicits a feeling of serenity, good times and strong memories.  As I viewed her work, I was able to instantly recognize a couple of scenes, others I have yet to visit but I could feel the wonderful energy and look forward to visiting these places soon.

With a strong background in community development and successfully engaged as a Soroptomist, Suzanne has become a local fireball that shares her love for people and the places she calls home, Victoria, BC.

When asked how the her art concept came to fruition she laughed and said it was almost by accident.  A great ‘almost’ accident it happened to be! Suzanne stumbled upon a niche concept that continues to grow in popularity with retailers, tourists and locals who just want a reminder of those places and spots where special moments occurred.

Suzanne’s calendars have become a yearly favourite. Her series of 4 calendars, Kootenay Rockies, Okanagan, The Victoria & Circle Tour and Baby’s First Year on the West Coast continue to be great sellers.  Her  2015 editions are currently on sale.

Art Cards

Art Cards

Art and entrepreneurship aside, getting to personally know Suzanne has been a pleasure. Victoria knows her as someone that cares and makes a huge difference in the lives of others. Constantly giving of her energy to ensure opportunity and a sense of belonging is her trademark. I consider myself lucky for knowing her.

Suzanne, I look forward to seeing your 2016 creations!







Artist - Suzanne Heron

Artist – Suzanne Heron


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