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The Art of GLOWing

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They arrived,  listened, and brilliantly glowed!  This was the experience of the women of Glow2016.

I believe they also fell in love, with themselves and each other.

There is an adage that we prepare simply to let go.  After weeks of preparation for this event, it was evident that the energy in the room was more than prepared to take on a life of its own and lead the way.

Glow, is an experience centered around understanding up-levelled concepts to help detach from energy and leaks that don’t serve you, as well as gaining a profound understanding of how you operate in the world and why you repel your intentions, then acquiring the knowledge to ensure you stop drifting without results .  Participants are also made aware of how they signal (or not) to their audience and what first steps can be taken to shine and be seen by those that are looking for their offer or message.

The energy of the day began before I left home.  Right before leaving it was noticed that the linen closet door opened and would not close.  The symbology of the moment struck me.



The Parkside Hotel was divine.  This gorgeous venue served as the perfect backdrop and even more appreciated was the expert handling of services.  I was especially grateful when an event attendant escorted me up to the theatre and ensured all my needs were met.  Exceptional.

Two participants had already arrived by then and were ready to help setup and prepare whatever was needed.  Again, the feeling that ‘all was well’ permeated the moment.

Then it was time to begin.  It took a moment to vocalize.  I tried to process the entirety of what was happening.  My mind raced attempting to figure out how this all came about.  I furtively attempted to remember when the idea for the event was born, and how it all came together.  I drew a blank and simply decided to begin talking.

The rest unfolded as one peacock moment after the next.

Individual introductions were made and during that time, synchronicity after synchronicity occurred.  Each participant was made to order, as if their presence was ordained somehow.   Each, in their own powerful way, brought a piece of what was needed, connections were made, future business beautifully flowed and as I witnessed it all, I glowed.

The event was not about me, it was about them.   Everything I had written and prepared, although viable and worked as a structure, coalesced into what was needed for them in the moment.

The women of Glow2016

The women of Glow2016

Discussions immediately began to pop.  Big topics surfaced that deeply concerned these powerful and insightful women.

Conversations centered around bullies and how they impede one’s progress and self esteem, rejection in all its insidious forms, the ‘good opinion of others’ was a prevalent discussion and what to do when your inner circle does not foster the support needed.  All these and more sat on hearts and minds of those in the room.

Then suddenly the video camera and tripod tumbled over and all recording had halted and I instinctively knew it was time to take a deep dive into the discussion.

From that instant, ah-ha moments abounded for them and myself.  We pulled out what was needed and unpacked meaning and soulful resolutions. One after the next, we launched and resolved, laughed and perhaps teared up, but mostly gratitude for each other swelled and I simply know these women were forever bonded.

Then it was time to enter the full, whole body, mind and soul, glow.

The guided meditation set to Zen tones, whisked them away and allowed each one to unleash their power and light.  I watched them as they journeyed within.  At the end there was silence as they attempted to break their reverie and come back to ‘now’.  It took a moment, a long one, then they opened their eyes.  They had touched their glow.  Or better yet, their glow had touched them.

Prizes were won, a sumptuous lunch was consumed, more stories, sharing and a guest dropped in to drop a bit of magic on the physical connection between body and mind and getting things done.

A brief discussion was had about ‘AfterGlow’.  It’s the key on which all this information turns.  It’s about powerful accountability either in an individual setting or within a team.  It’s a deep walk to completion and transformation.  It’s about true manifestation of desire.

Then it was time to close it down.  Time for the energy to go back to level. Time to say goodbye and process all that was shared within that magical space and time.

I’ve facilitated many events, however, this is the first one that brought me to tears when I arrived back home.  It is assumed it was tears of celebration, joy and completion.  A shedding of the old and the onboarding of the new.   This I do know, like many of the participants of Glow2016, I will never be the same again.

Glow2016: Spring Edition – March 2016




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