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Why You Should Let Someone Else Dress You

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As a publicist, I spend a lot of time guiding others on their personal and professional image.  This guidance is usually met with resistance of some sort usually because my suggestions are not their first, second or third choices. Basicially, they have a difficult time seeing themselves differently.  Habit is a hellava thing to circumvent even with the best of intentions.


Recently, I thought I would allow someone to take charge and walk me through the  process of change and in an area in which I felt confident,  clothes.




As a nominee in the 2016 Unlimited Woman Awards in the category of ‘Woman of Style’, I felt a bit of consternation when I read the nomination announcement.  Satisfaction of how I put myself together was one thing, having someone notice along with the possibility of being awarded for it, felt incredibly weird.


I panicked and felt under-prepared so called for help.


It pays to know someone in the business of understanding how to choose, facilitate and pull together fascinating and beautiful looks.   As a professional Fashion Stylist, Jodi Bryans, also the Style Host for CVV TV knows her stuff and I see why.


After 14 years of helping people  and media personalities breakthrough to new ways of choosing clothes and feeling comfortable with themselves, Jodi has acquired an eye for what works on various body types.  Fashion and style is her passion and her latest passion project is as the new owner of The Victoria Shopping Tours.



Fashion Stylist, TV Style Host and Shopping Tour Owner, Jodi Bryans


Upon entering Le Chateau at Mayfair Shopping Centre in Victoria BC, I knew precisely the type of clothing I wanted to try on and planned to stand firm no matter what Jodi suggested.


After explaining my decisions, Jodi simply smiled at me.  She’s been through this process many times.  People ask for help, then arrive with entrenched thoughts on how the process should unfold.


I was no different.


She presented the outfit she pulled together prior to my arrival.  It received a firm ‘NO’ from me.  ‘Absolutely not’, I told her.  The outfit contained everything I said I would not entertain; sleeveless, black and a dress.


Working the racks in Le Chateau at Mayfair Shopping Centre

Working the racks in Le Chateau at Mayfair Shopping Centre


I wanted something to cover my arms, colour to make me pop and I didn’t want another dress.  I have beautiful dresses I no longer wear, the thought of one more was deflating.


Due to her good nature, she allowed me to roam through the store pulling what I thought would work.  As we went through the process, I noticed a couple of things.  First, I was fighting her.  I asked for help and here I was resisting the process.  I wanted to stay in my comfort zone.


I decided to let Jodi do her job.


Once I did, magic occured.


I tried on the original outfit she pulled before my arrival.  This was it.  It was the ‘one’.  The store staff stopped to see and they absolutely loved how it looked.  There was no need to try on the other outfits waiting on the rolling rack.


I loved it.  The feel, fabric and look was totally me and  imagine I had almost let it go.  She completed the job beautifully with a bag and shoes.  Magic.


There is a great lesson here.  We move through life with a myriad of blindspots.  It takes the skill of professionals like Jodi, to see what we can’t.  I had closed my mind to the possibility of wearing this outfit because I couldn’t see myself in it.  I couldn’t see.


Do yourself a favour and begin thinking re-invention by allowing someone  to enter  your life that can help you experience yourself differently.


Arrived in scepticism and leaving with great selections!

Arrived in scepticism and leaving with great selections!


Our sense of style and fashion tend to stagnate and get away  from us and we settle into old ways, therefore missing out on new and perhaps brighter and bolder ways of self expression.


Do yourself a favour and book an appointment with Jodi.  Let her walk you through the steps of establishing new and exciting looks. She’ll take you through various options and stores if needed until the new you emerges.


Make the call, explore and have fun, the new you awaits!


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