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A Beauty Revolution Who's Time Has Come - D & A
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A Beauty Revolution Who’s Time Has Come

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In rare moments, a concept knocks on the edge of our awareness trying to grab our attention and until we take a moment to lean in, the moment passes and in many cases, so does opportunity.

One such concept popped into my awareness recently under the guise of health and wellness.  For some time the term Beautycounter was noticed in various social media spaces but I allowed it to pass me by.   I assumed it meant the conversation centered around topical toxins we unknowingly used and this particular company was attempting to get our attention.

Nothing unusual about that.  Society and social conscious businesses are beginning to make greater strides going ‘green’ and this conversation was no different or so I thought.  So why did I suddenly take notice?

It was my mother, or more precisely, news she brought to me of a family friend that became ill with cancer.  What devastated my mom was this woman’s age.  She was 10 years younger then me.  What continued to raise her angst and mine, was the increased incident of reported illness on the rise and in people we knew.


It was getting closer to home and my unease mounted.

Every single day we make choices in our attempt to remain healthy.  There are also choices not so easy to make either due to unavailable information or because of ignorance.  Either way, potential harmful outcomes can be the same whether by conscious decision or not.

So how does all this jive with Beautycounter you might wonder?  It was by chance I stopped to read an article about this new company’s CEO, Gregg Renfrew.  What spiked my imagination was her use of words like, ‘movement‘ and ‘revolution‘.

Renfrew initiated a personal care company dedicated to transparency and advocacy of toxin-free chemicals in items we topically use everyday.  My interest was piqued.

Women are creatures of habit when it comes to our  ‘look good/feel good’ regime and can be loyal to brands that have served us over the years.  Yet, the question we had not stopped to ask in our drive towards beauty was how safe were the products we allowed to touch our bodies?  Without thought, we indulged without knowledge or education assuming all would be well.   It never actually occurred to us that we were contributing to our potential future dis-ease.

It was a game of Russian roulette I was no longer willing to play.

Decades of stats indicate serious health issues (asthma, learning disabilities, cancer and infertility) are rising due in part to our exposure to toxic chemicals.  Exposure is everywhere through more than 80,000 chemicals on the market, most of these chemicals not having safety data or how they affect our health.  This is especially true in the skin care and beauty industry.

With the risk of fear-mongering, did you realize extremely harmful chemicals such as lead formaldehyde and phthalates are found in the products we put on our bodies and children each day?

When I checked Beautycounter claims, it was found they had banned more 1500 ingredients from everyday beauty products.  Knowing that my fave item, lipstick, would not be a time bomb I placed within my system brings a sense of safety going forward.  The one item the company has not listed as a product for sale yet is mascara as they have not created a formulation up to their standards.

The next consideration was product performance.  Could these toxin-free items produce the results of their mainstream counterparts?    Check out this MSNBC interview with Gregg Renfrew for the answer…



The Rest Of The Story…

I jumped in.  These products are a breath of fresh air.    I’m fussy about what I use on my skin.  Items with no danger of use is now of paramount importance AND they must deliver to expectation.  This maturing gal now defines beauty as graceful, safe and wise.  Next, I purchase these products from my very own online boutique which affords me excellent discounting on these quality items.

I’m also privileged to grow alongside women rising up in a movement and revolution who’s mission it is to get safe products into the hands of everyone, including children.  All this and more spiked my mojo countenance.

Beautycounter  is new to Canada only arriving mid-March and the cosmetics will be available to the masses May 2016.  It just celebrated 3 years in the U.S. and major plans are in the works to open up in other international destinations.  For the business minded among you, the implications are staggering.

beautycounter items


Yes, I’m Biased…

Find your own answers in accordance with health and wellness centered around you and your family.  A beautiful evening is planned Monday, April 4 at the Oswego Hotel in Victoria.  (Registration is required).   Other such evenings are planned around the country.  Some have already occurred since the release of this article.  It’s a space for women to gather, mingle and learn about health and wellness and view the items.  It’s not a time for sales.  Determine for yourself if safe products are your next choice.

The worse that happens is you gain understanding of what’s happening in the world of personal care and how you can make a better choice for you and your family.  It’s a revolution who’s time has come.






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