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Beverly Card & Rarity – Taking The Dream To Centre-Stage

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VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK 2017 is set to take the city by storm starting Monday, March 20.  This diverse and innovative fashion experience that features both established and emerging designers literally will set the stage for many dreams to come true.

VFW is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals.

Included in the fray of international fashion artists is children’s clothing designer, Rarity Fashion of Vancouver Island, BC.  Beverly Card, designer at Rarity, is set to the take her whimsical, yet beautiful designs to a worldwide audience this week.  Beverly gave D & A insights into her brand as well as a peek into the unfolding of her dream come true.


What type of clothing and market is Rarity involved?

Rarity Fashion as a very dynamic brand with versatile styles that are both classical, and contemporary with a unique eclectic feel.  Our niche market is creating beautiful and unique special occasion dresses for little girls, from 6 months old and up.  At Rarity we strive to create elegant and wearable garments that stand the test of time.  The majority of our dresses are designed with longevity in mind, the idea that you can wear them first as a dress and later as a tunic, also that they may start as a party dress but later be worn as a play dress.  One of my favorite things about my job is the creativity behind it, the transformation throughout the seasons, constructing wearable art, and meeting people that are also inspired by my designs and hearing there stories and feedback.


How long have you been in the design business?

My love for fashion design began when I was a little girl growing up in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island, I started sewing doll clothes, transitioned to hats and small items, and then clothes for myself by the age of 8 with the loving teachings of my mom.  I formally entered into the design business in my early 20’s when my mother and I opened a wedding gown design business in Sidney, B.C.  I’m 35 now, so it’s been almost 15 years!  Wow!  Although my mom is in her sunset years of being one of the best in the wedding down design business, she is still going strong well into her 60’s!

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From which designers do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from Cynthia Rowley who generates feminine designs based on classic looks made current.  She showcases designs that reflect the needs of the intelligent strong and modern woman of today, likewise I try to generate sweet smart and strong styles that are wearable for today’s child based on classically beautiful ideas.   Side note: I have always been inspired by the classic and extremely feminine designs of Chanel, I also love the designs from Christian Dior who adds so much volume, and who blends denim and lace, and other contrasts so well.

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Are your designs currently in retail locations?

Rarity Fashion  can currently be found at Matraea Boutique in Duncan, the Cottage in Victoria, and soon to be featured in Rainbird Boutique, also in Victoria.  Rarity has also been a mainstay at the Sidney Market in Sidney, B.C., and we love to participate in other seasonal showcases as well.

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What are your long term goals/ dreams?

Thanks to the encouraging support of my husband, I’m reaching for the stars, and my long term goal is to become one of the most sought after children’s fashion designers in North America.  I would absolutely love the opportunity to dress the beautiful kids of some of Hollywood’s A-List stars.  An even bigger dream would be to see Royalty in Rarity!  Whether it’s the Prime Minister’s children or the Princess’ little ones it would certainly be a proud moment to see my designs bring a smile to so many faces.

D & A wishes much success to Rarity Fashion this coming week and well into the future as she and her team work diligently to make the dream unfold.




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