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Boss Girls Unite!

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Post By:  Kirsten Foss

Female entrepreneurs hold a special place in my heart.

Probably because, as an entrepreneur myself, I’m keenly aware of how flippin’ hard this gig is.

Most of my work is done online as a business coach for the spa industry, teaching owners all over North America how to up their strategy and leadership game to generate more sales.

Interestingly, most of my clients come to me looking for marketing solutions to bring in more business, but what they’re really struggling with is something completely different.

Almost every female entrepreneur I’ve met has proudly hung her shingle in a bold move to generate purpose in her life and the lives of others. But after a while, she finds herself spinning in circles around issues and ideas that pull her in the opposite direction of the life and career she really wants.

If this is sounding familiar, you may also be…

Finding it increasingly difficult to find leadership and business solutions in a noisy digital world.

Compromising your needs/wants by saying “yes” to requests from colleagues, friends & family…which means saying “no” to yourself.

Feeling like all you do is work. Even at home with your family, you’re mind is distracted with work-related mind-clutter.

Believing you can multi-task like a rockstar but in reality, nothing really gets done well, or at all.

Not trusting your judgement because you’re overwhelmed and can’t think straight.

I’ve experienced all of these symptoms at some point or another in my career as an entrepreneur; I wanted to be in service to my community, but I was getting in my own way…creating roadblocks and detours that almost had me park somewhere safe…like a *gasp* JOB.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a work/life hack to get me out of this funk quickly and back on the happy/fulfilled/success road I want to be on.

Most of my strategy and leadership teachings are online and cater to the spa industry. However, I’ve been itching to bring local women entrepreneurs together for a unique event that would kickstart any #bossbabe with practical actions to grow her business.

On Sunday, March 5th, I’m hosting a live event, The Dream, Girl Day, in North Saanich for any women entrepreneur.

The Dream, Girl Day starts with a private screening of the documentary Dream, Girl which tells the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs, from brand-new startups to multi-million dollar companies.

After the film, there’ll be a guided Q&A discussion about the realities and nuances of female entrepreneurship. It’s critical we share our experiences, not to focus on the negative, but to understand we all struggle with the similar issues and find comfort, support, and solutions that work for the collective good of women entrepreneurs, their families, and their customers.

After-ward, we’re harnessing the Dream, Girl inspiration with an afternoon Dream.Plan.Do Workshop that will give you practical tools and techniques to streamline your goals, priorities and action steps to reach your 2017 personal and business goals…and still, have the time and energy for what matters most to you.


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At the Dream.Plan.Do workshop, you will…

Discover a clear path for your career and business direction for 2017 that implements your vision, financial goals, and personal fulfillment.

Learn how to make sure your time/money math actually work out & how to reverse engineer your goals to reach the revenues you want this year.

Ditch their never-ending “to-do” list and find out how to easily prioritize which tasks will get you to your goals faster & with less effort.

Leave with a 90-Day Action Plan for your business.

This event is a small group of up to 20 like-minded female business owners who are eager to expand their impact but often find themselves scrambling to juggle their career, family, friends and their own emotional, physical and spiritual needs and are eager to discover a more simplified approach to entrepreneurship, without giving up their ambition.

For more information about The Dream, Girl Day, visit




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