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How She Brings Power to Your Brand

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They have it.  That something special which includes, warmth, compassion and an air of inclusiveness that radiates out to all they meet.  They are the proverbial ‘IT’ girl.

Victoria has a few such dynamic women and I’m thrilled to bring this particular one to your attention.

Deb Alcadinho has captured the hearts of women with her willingness to reach across the table to help them grow.  Known for her strong networking skills, Deb has pulled together an incredible tribe of business women who have gained a tremendous amount from Deb’s wisdom and leadership ability.

Deb receives the yoUnlimited award for Mentorship

Deb receives the yoUnlimited award for Mentorship

We chatted on camera about a few things including Deb’s recent yoUnlimted Award win for Mentorship and an even more recent win for the Ageless Living award for Best Networking Group.

Alcadinho, heads up Westshore Women’s Business Network, an association for women that include mentorship, training, leadership, networking opportunities and growth.  ‘I am thrilled this group has taken off and grown to the numbers it has since its inception’, states Deb, ‘the women that have come together are like family and have allowed me to grow in their presence, I’m quite blessed.’

As an entrepreneur, Deb pours a lot of her creative abilities into ‘Your Brand Power‘, her signature entity that has successfully helped launch strong brands on behalf of her clients.

Branding, specifically personal branding, identifies and communicates what makes you unique and relevant to your tribe/audience.  Key attributes are discovered and integrated into all your marketing pieces ensuring easy identification by your market.

Personal branding enhances your self-awareness ~ Deb Alcadinho

As a mother, wife, entrepreneur and community leader, Deb is no doubt a busy woman on the go. What I personally found fascinating about her was her inclusiveness of those around her.  She makes a point of listening and doing it in such a way that those in her presence feel heard. It’s never a shock when Deb follows up with what you need, this only because she heard you.  This one trait has endeared her to many. Her double award win this season comes as no surprise to those that know her.

Sharpening Your Brand

WWBN happy moments!

WWBN happy moments!

During our conversation, Deb shared concepts that anyone can emulate to immediately sharpen their brand.  Taking time to bring awareness to who you are along with the messages you communicate to the world in any given moment can help or hinder your brand and/or marketing efforts.  Are you put together when you leave home?  Are you helpful, willing to go the extra mile? Are your materials pristine and up to date? Are your communications on par with what you advertise?  These points and more need to be under constant scrutiny as potential clients and your current audience is watching. Simply put, are you walking your talk?

Deb, thank you for all you do for female entrepreneurs. Continue to shine your light and be the change as we all emulate the best of what you teach and offer.

Listen in as Deb and I share what it really takes to create your own brand power.


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