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A Bubby Encounter

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Sometimes missteps can turn into happy encounters.

Just recently, I was on my way to an evening meeting, but somehow screwed things up and ended up across town miles away from my intended destination. A familiar Pam story, but I digress.

It wasn’t all bad, I ended up in Cook St. Village, a happening neighborhood in Victoria. Knowing I would not make the meeting, I decided to chill out, enjoy a tea and poke around the neighborhood a bit.


Bubby’s Kitchen

Then I spotted it.

Bubby’s Kitchen, the name made me smile.   As I stood on the outside peering into this popular restaurant wondering if I should enter, I  was met with the sight of couples and small intimate groups cheerfully enjoying conversation, eats and vino.  Hunger pangs got the better of me and noisily insisted that I made a move, so in I went.

Bubby’s rocked. Of course that’s totally my opinion but I think you might agree.

The smell of beautifully grilled meats, vegetables and tapas made my mouth water.  I enviously eyed the menu selections and the laden down trays cautiously carried to tables by enthusiastic staff. The Mediterranean ambiance was warm and welcoming,  I immediately felt at home.

I couldn’t stay that night but instead ordered a few goodies to take away for dinner.  I’m glad I did.

Bubby’s, well done with the Roasted Vegetable Cannelloni and Tortellini Salad.  To everyone else, if you haven’t done so yet, make a date to drop in and cozy up around a table with your fave person or a group of friends. It’s the perfect place to hang, talk, eat and be merry!






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