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She’s Innovatively Capturing Your Life’s Unforgettable Moments

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Audrey Hepburn once said that all good things and ideas occur while in Paris, or something to that affect.  It was certainly true for rising-star entrepreneur, Nicole Smith.


While hanging out with a friend in the City of Lights, the Paris effect took hold and a bold new idea was conceived.  As we all know, taking bright, clear, memorable photos with friends are special and at times rare and in today’s age of selfies, capturing beautiful photographic moments tend to be difficult.


During one such time, Smith came up with the idea to chronicle good times and candid moments.  Instead of the ‘floating head’ result of selfies and not always wanting to bother well-meaning passersby who snap and go, why not enlist the expertise of someone that will know how to light up the shot and shoot in correct angles.   Using a professional also means  no one is left out of the picture.

A Venetian proposal. Photographer Serena in Venice.

Flytographer, Smith’s brainchild, went through the usual bootstrapping journey experienced by all new businesses.  It’s the roller coaster effect felt by any new business owner.  She stuck it out and has brought this phenomena to where it is 3 years after its inception.  She’s also managed to quickly move her photo service into the consciousness of travellers heading off to worldwide destinations.


Smith, a 13 year veteran of Microsoft had no need to change her life course.  To most standards, she had it made. Great job, excellent future prospects, the world at her doorstep, yet her business idea born in Paris, refused to be forgotten.   It haunted her to the point that nothing less than its eventual launch was acceptable.  Almost 3 years to the day of this article, her business idea took flight and she’s not looked back.


She remained with Microsoft for an additional 1.5 years as she set up the foundation for Flytographer.  Timing was everything for Smith.  She entered the marketplace creating a new space, need and brand. It’s a rare occurrence to have all 3, new space, need and brand available for the taking.  After-all, did you know you needed a professional photographer to beautifully capture one-of-a-kind moments while you travelled?  I bet not.  She made it simple for travellers.  Simply plug into the Flytographer website, state your travel destination and book a photographer.

Family Get-Aways beautifully captured. Photographer Goncalo in Paris.

Established photographers are vetted in the 175 worldwide destinations in which Flytographer currently operates. Destinations such as the Amalfi Coast, Barcelona, Santorini, Venice, Lisbon, London, and Prague are just a few of the select cities you can engage the services of Smith’s photography service.


These professionals must have a great sense of joie de vie, expansive knowledge of their locale and the ability to put clients at ease.  “These are special moments and deserve more than selfies can give”, stated Smith, “photographers must understand not only their craft but be cognisant of the people dynamics involved”.


Honeymoons, anniversaries, proposals, family gatherings, engagements, solo-travelling, pre-wedding, anything that denotes the best things in life are worth capturing beautifully and professionally on film.  These include the places you’ve seen and the memories you’ve made along the way.

Honeymoon moments that last forever. Photographer Roberta in Rome.

Flytographer has been a media darling almost from day one.  An appearance on Dragons Den set the stage for a plethora of attention.  Although the dragons expressed interest in this creative business model, Nicole passed on their investment offers.   This attuned entrepreneur knew she had something special and made the decision to seed the business on her terms.  It worked out beautifully.


Next came the golden nod from the Oprah empire.  Flytographer was recently listed in’s ’12 Ingenious Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know.  This gave Smith the credibility most businesses only dream of.   Appearances have also been made in The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Martha Stewart Living, Brides, Elle, Forbes and The Huffington Post just to name a few.


What’s next for Nicole Smith?  She expressed it beautifully.  Simply to continue helping travellers capture amazing moments anywhere in the world.  She strongly believes in what she’s built.  Repeat clients and referrals are the cornerstone of Flytographer.

Best-Friend Special Times

No more bff selfies. Photographer Melissa in Cancun.

When the final product is delivered, goosebumps are the result.  These times are priceless for Smith and her clients.   She teared up as she spoke of these moments.  The love of one’s calling and life journey, when answered and followed, continues to intrigue me.  Nicole Smith, a fellow Victoria, BC resident, has answered her calling and it shows.
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