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4 Christmas Breads You Can’t Resist

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What are the holidays without the smell of fresh bread baking or the sight of warm, freshly cut slices gracing the table.

Childhood memories flooded me as I wrote this post. Each Christmas Eve, me and my brothers would be hustled off to bed leaving my mother elbows deep in flour and a multitude of flavourful ingredients. Christmas mornings were magical.  Mom would still be up (or so it seemed) and the dining room table (only used during special occasions) would hold a bounty of holiday delights. My favourite was Sweet Bread. A West Indian recipe containing coconut, raisins, cinnamon and brown sugar. Heaven.

As we inch towards  the holiday season, visions of baked creations are upper most in our minds. If looking for something a bit different this year, why not consider these four bread picks. Which ever one  you choose, enjoy the process and maybe one will become a traditional family holiday bread!

Three Kings Bread: This great holiday bread is shaped in a wreath.

Fruit Cake Bread: This is a traditional must have for many. It’s a wonderful combination of  nuts and dried fruit. Making it is as nearly as much fun as eating it!

Christmas Stollen Bread: This wonderful German delight is full of nuts, raisins and candied fruit.

Coconut Sweet Bread:  My childhood favourite, still holding strong! Enjoy!

Do you have a holiday favourite bread or cake? Is so, join us on our Facebook page and share!


Author:  Pamela Sylvan

Coconut Sweet Bread

Coconut Sweet Bread










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