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The Coffee Shop Connection

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Ask any visitor or newcomer to Victoria and they will tell you they’re absolutely blown away and delighted by the endless selection of cafes and coffee shops that exist.

Each location serves up its own particular brand of coffee, lattes, Americanos, espressos, teas and treats that attract their unique tribe and followers.  It can be amusing to listen to people extol the virtues of their favorite places to gather and drink ‘their’ brew of choice.

This city has a unique coffee culture.  A  myriad of social interactions and behaviours tend to circulate around the neighborhood coffee house. Cook St. Village, James Bay, Downtown Victoria just to name of few places boasts one fascinating brew house after another.

I’ve only managed to visit about 5 that I occasionally interchange depending on the situation; business meetings, quiet time reading or a place to chat with friends.

What I have noticed since my time here is the excellent customer service provided by baristas I’ve interacted with. I know them by name. At one time, coffee was something I ordered quickly then moved on about my business. Chatting up baristas was not on my list of to-dos. Since being in Victoria I’ve fallen in to the relaxed attitude associated with its coffee culture.  I’m  hooked.

Prolific names, kitchy décor and flavourful brews make it easy for us to fall in love with our local cafes.  I hesitate to name favourites as I haven’t made it around to most. I’m not even certain I can!  I will say that I am impressed with places such as Discovery Coffee and Serious Coffee. They serve up chai lattes just the way I like them!  My goal is to visit as many as I can possibly manage during the Fall and Winter.

I am especially interested in your favourite spot to hang out and enjoy your favourite latte or coffee. Share below. I’m sure your local baristas would love you for it!

Author: Pamela Sylvan




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