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Creating The Art Of Emergence

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Are you a butterfly emerging from your chrysalis into your full story of life? What if, when you forget how far you have travelled in life and all possibilities to come, you just had to reach down slightly below your throat, wrap your hand around a beautiful butterfly wing talisman, feel the warmth and remember you really can fly?

Isaac helps women fly and be free!

It is through Susan Isaac’s passion for a 4000 year old Egyptian art that is dangerous, hot, unpredictable, demands focused attention; her deep connection with nature and her belief in the power of sharing stories of transformation, that women are finding a very unique way to reflect their inner beauty, let their spirit soar and inspire countless women at the same time.


Savana Nights Pendant

“I understand the abject terror of finally emerging from my chrysalis, a beautiful butterfly, only to find my fluttering wings hovering over a dark crevasse of unseen depth unable to break free of an invisible power, stuck in half flight every day, every month, every year, for years.” Stated Isaac. “I’m deeply dedicated to helping women find that sweet place of peace and freedom that comes from remembering how strong they really are, and how much they inspire other women when they share a moment in their life that changed them forever.

Susan didn’t study or do an art or craft of any kind, except paint the life stages of a bee for her grade 5 teacher, until she was 47. The ‘music’ deep inside her almost died.  Susan saw a poster for a fused glass workshop while travelling in Kauai. She and her husband signed up only knowing it involved heating up glass. Upon entering the workshop she saw a mobile hanging in the entrance to the glass studio, created by a 5 year old the week before, and she thought, “How will I ever be able to create something that good?” And a lifetime refrain surfaced, “what if I’m not artistic and not good enough?” Susan felt sick and turned to ‘run’.

She was  pushed over the doorstep and somehow did the workshop anyway with the loving support of her husband. Susan could have continued to be the poster child for Carl Jong’s theory of ‘the disowned self’ but the heat, the colours of the glass, her deep fear of something important inside her dying and good solid support changed the direction of her life.


Susan Isaacs – Fused glass artist, speaker, workshop leader

This first experience was followed by years of instruction by talented glass art teachers and mentors, countless very late nights in the studio crying with frustration, every fingertip shredded to bits, three years of rejected entries for juried art shows, followed two years later by one accepted entry and a juror’s award.

The metamorphosis of her glass art, soul searching to finally free her butterfly and decades of telling stories as a college teacher and national speaker led to Susan’s unique alchemy of using butterflies as a talisman of transformation to create her one-of-a-kind fused glass ‘You Can Fly’ butterfly pendants, start ‘Chrysalis Moments’ video interviews about transformation and provide safe, fun fused glass workshops for everyone, especially those who may be as scared as she once was, to walk over that artistic threshold.

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