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Creating a Renaissance In the Spaces of Your Life

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VIDEO POST: Colour, style and beauty are the major design elements that make up the foundation of graceful and comfortable living in any home or office environment.  The D.I.Y (do it yourself) movement afforded us the ability to choose and create spaces only professional designers provided.

However, busy lives and lack of skill awakened us to the fact that calling in the pros may not be such a bad investment after all.

If you’re about to make your space come alive and glow with new and fresh hues, why not call in someone that not only provides superior skill but  comes with the added bonus of a true touch of an artist.

Kim Sibbitt, known as The Renaissance Woman, brings what her moniker promises to all her projects, revitalization, revival and renewal.

Sibbitt, jokes she was born with a pack of crayons in her back pocket.  She has shown her love and great talent for creativity through various mediums of art over the years.  These mediums include painting, sculpture, carving, cartooning and photography and has earned Kim an Honours Certificate from Ryerson University in Toronto in Landscape Design and Construction.

‘The Lady Painter’,  her business of 25 years, is a residential fine painting company.  Her clients say that her attention to detail and respect of space and time commitments are what have them calling her back again and again.

Beautifully painted walls are not where Kim’s creativity ends.  Placement of artwork along with lighting consultations are part of her service.  “Why just get your walls done, style it to completion with pieces that may be languishing in other parts of your home or office”, recommends Sibbitt.

This renaissance woman brings a host of other highly useful services to help bring a special touch to any project in your space.

Listen in as Kim highlights how she can jazz up your space or simply help you get those discarded or outstanding DIYs checked off your to-do list.

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