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Creating Unforgettable Experiences Through Food

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Have you personally met a dream maker? I  have! While in attendance at a recent event, Executive Chef, Sherine Allison of Sher’s 5 Star Catering won me over and all those in attendance with her tremendous creative abilities.

Like many of us who attend catered events, conscious participation of all that goes on in the way of food is a tough thing to do due to the many distractions on hand.  A brief awareness of what you’re eating might be experienced but it passes quickly as someone or thing grabs your attention.  Not so for me this time.

Enjoying the magic of 5 Star!

Enjoying the magic of 5 Star!

What made Sher definitively different was her attention to the details as required by her client and the needs of the guests. She and her team members arrived on location with a single thought and mission, to create proper flow, beauty and consistency throughout the evening. The 5 Star team pulled it off fabulously! An evening of inspiration and happy taste buds unfolded!

If it is possible for food to glow, her culinary creations did so. It’s almost impossible to understand why, but if I had to guess it was her continuous input that made this possible.  Sher is not only in business of bringing menus to life, added flare, fun and warmth are also her trademark offerings.  This team gives food and hanging out a whole new meaning.  I stood back and watched her operate. From beginning to end, she did not miss a beat.  I also noticed how quickly her business cards flew off the table at the end of the evening.

Sher’s love for cooking began as a child. She was not one to wait for her mother to prepare meals. This was an opportunity for her to jump in and do her thing. As the years passed and responsibilities as a wife and mother took over, her first love was always close by. Whenever she could provide her cooking creations in any capacity she would do so. Two cousins saw her need to create and encouraged Sher to dive right in and create a business around her passion. Sher’s 5 Star Catering was born!

Ten years later the passion is still alive and thriving.  Sher admits that it can get tough to rev up the energy needed to keep moving forward some days. There are challenges everywhere.  She stresses the importance of having a larger-than-life vision which she obviously has. This vision keeps her strong and allows her to propel to the next level of business success.

When asked what her business is all about she replied that it wasn’t about catering and providing delicious food choices to a wide variety of occasions for both corporate and private events, it was  about developing an inner quality that manifests inself in the service she provides for her clients and those that work with her.

Creations that leave you wanting more!

Creations that leave you wanting more!

As I reminisced about my time with Sher, I saw that her business wasn’t just about food. It never really was.  The business of food allowed her to share that special and inspirational part of who she really is. Dream maker indeed!

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