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Culinary Styling With Chef Castro Boateng

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A career move brought him here, his eventual love affair with Vancouver Island kept him here.

He went on to capture the culinary hearts of islanders and places beyond with his spectacular food styling created with a whole lot of panache and copious amounts of love.

Chef Castro Boateng, a native of Ghana, West Africa, has become a food celebrity and rightly so.  After ending a position as Executive Chef to a high end resort on the island, his light continued to shine because of his dedication and high commitment to food preparation and presentation. He has since won himself a large following of loyal clients and fans as an executive private chef, educator, food adventurer and personality.  menu ideas 4

It was a pleasure chatting with Boateng.  His passion for food and cooking came through with each sentence uttered.  It was difficult not to be drawn into his circle of enthusiasm as he talked, not only about food prep,  but also while discussing his love of people, which includes his family and excellent staff.

He painted a vivid mind picture as he setup the scene for each dining experience he offers, whether an intimate in-home dining soiree or a large gala for 500, his attention to detail allows you to flow through each special high  and ah-ha moments along the way.   “The food is only one part of the culinary experience”, stated Chef Castro, “I want to ensure the entire process of eating is taken into consideration, plating, mood, wine, cutlery, napkins, conversation, parting gifts, all these and more are well thought out and staged beautifully for my clients”.

The surprises kept coming.  Boateng offers ingredient foraging for those wanting an entirely different eating experience.  He’s created an adventure that couples foraging and dining in the wilds of Sooke BC.  You’re taken on a two hour gathering for edibles such as Wild Arugla, Fiddleheads, Salmonberries…Oyster and Morel Mushrooms.  Once gathered, it’s time to cook it up al fresco.  A 3 course dining experience is then created in the forest, a picnic like no other!  Noshing never felt, smelled, sounded, tasted and looked so good!

menu ideas 7menu ideas 8


Prepping foraged edibles

Prepping foraged edibles

His French cuisine training has given him the foundation for beautifully prepared and visually stunning menus. He brings much of himself to the creative process. Use of spices and exotic ingredients pump up the volume, although not necessarily heat, bringing each dish to new heights.

His food philosophy is simple:

“Nothing is more inspiring than simple fresh ingredients. Foraged from the wild, harvested from the sea, grown fresh on Vancouver Island farms and artfully paired with fine regional wines.  Wonderful flavours, colours and textures prepared with respect and integrity.”  Chef Castro


Chef Castro prepping an event menu


Boateng also provides cooking classes for those wishing to learn the finer points of food prep right in their own kitchen.  We lead busy lives and well prepared foods have slid way down on our to-do lists.  Chef Castro takes you through a process that not only uplevels your current skills but also prepares the basis for good menu planning no matter how busy your week may be.

Fresh menu ideas

Fresh menu ideas

As this article prepares for publishing, Chef Castro is busy preparing a beautiful feast for Victoria’s Ageless Living Gala.  The menu boasts delights such as Herb Poached Prawns, Spicy Caesar Pipette, Roasted Parsnip Panna Cotta Spoons, Hemp Crusted Tuna, Crispy Taro Root, Wasabi & Honey Cloud, to name a few.  Guests at the event are in for a culinary sensation.

We spoke of many things during our time together, primarily food and its ability to bring people, ideas and common goals together.  We were in awe of its transformative nature.

As you look to create a fascinating experience in your life, consider connecting to Chef Castro Boateng. Food is his calling card, however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all that he actually brings to the table. It’s like having a best friend that can cook.

Chef Castro, it was a pleasure diving into the world of food with you. I hope more will take time to understand, learn and enjoy your culinary skills.

To connect to Chef Castro, visit his website for full details:  Castro Boateng – Executive Chef / Facebook Page



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