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How To Deal With Birthday Angst

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Why is it that certain birthdays cause us so much angst? As we reach a milestone 30, 40, 50, 60 and on we fear we’re getting older and maybe our best years have come and gone. NOTHING could be further from the truth. I believe that at any age you can choose to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life and I’ve built my life transitions coaching practice around that premise.

I’m now in my late 50’s and I can honestly say that if I could turn the clock back and go back to being 30, 40 or 50 again I wouldn’t because I LOVE the life I have now. I’ve finally figured out who I am and what my calling is and I’m living a life that’s joyful and extremely fulfilling. In short, I’m FLOURISHING and I love helping my clients connect with their best self and start to create their own BEST life.stressed

In order to live your best life you need to pause and take time to really connect with who you are. Most of us are so busy with our day to day lives that we rarely stop to ask the question “What did I do today that made me feel really fulfilled?”. I invite you to ask yourself that question now. If you can’t think of anything ask yourself “What would have been something fulfilling that I might have liked to do today?”

If you can create a life where every day you wake up KNOWING that you will experience fulfillment from the people and things you choose to give your attention to, you’ll experience a new and deeper level of satisfaction with your life, one that you may not have experienced when you were younger.

My VIP program has been designed to support my clients to connect with who they are when they’re being the best self so that they can become a VIP in their own life. Only when you commit to fully connecting with who you are and what makes you feel fulfilled can you begin to create your best life and that can take a long time if you do this on your own. My voyage of self-discovery began rather slowly in my 30’s (I was a busy person and believed I didn’t have time to devote to this). It wasn’t until my 50’s and my first coaching experience that I really started to take the time to get to really know myself. I now know that if I had chosen to engage a life coach to help me, I could have been flourishing much sooner.

If you have a birthday in your future that’s giving you angst, I invite you to pause and take time to celebrate all the wonderful things that happened in the past year and maybe also give thanks for the lessons learned from the things that didn’t quite go as planned. Then I invite you to consider setting aside time in the coming year for you to connect with who you are when you’re being your best self. You CAN find time if you make it a priority and you and the people in your life who care about you will also benefit. If you’re open to it, consider inviting a coach into your life to keep you on track and support you on your journey and know that at any age you CAN chose to

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