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Do You Have What It Takes To Feel Good?

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Article by: Christine Althouse


A simple Facebook friend request started my entire journey towards a stronger, healthier lifestyle. It opened my eyes to a world I knew nothing about, however I am fully engaged and loving every bit of it!

The information shared by this new friend changed me and my family’s health.  Let me start with a little bit about me and where I was before starting this new journey.   I have been a stay at home mom for most of my children’s lives. The kids are now 12 and 9 years old. However, 3 years ago I went back to work as a hairstylist at a girlfriend’s salon. After being there for a year, my family and I decided that homeschooling our children would be the best option for us.  In order to do both, we put a salon in our home so I could continue to homeschool and style hair.

By this time my body was starting to feel “stylist pain”. The same pain that caused me to stop doing hair for 6 years after having our second child. My back was sore,  knees would ache, my hands would get numb and I would get a stiff neck when the wind blew. At bedtime my legs would drive me crazy and not settle down. Plus I was 30 lbs. heavier than I wanted to be.  All this made me doubt my decision to style hair. The information given to me changed all that for the better!   Around this same time my husband began to experience pain issues too. He would consistently experience gout in his toe.  I felt helpless during these times. If you know anyone that experiences this you know what I mean. He would also pull muscles all the time, which was easy to do as a landscaper.  He too was 60 lbs. heavier than he wanted to be, causing him to be tired and sleepy when he got home.

 What You Need To Be Healthy

So why am I telling you all this? To help you understand that you’re not alone. Much like I was, many people are uneducated on proper nutrition.  I now have my health back as well as my husband, my daughter isn’t wearing her glasses of 4 years anymore, and my son is learning better health choices so he won’t have to fight for his health as he gets older.   All this has changed in our lives because we learned about the importance of putting essential nutrients in our bodies each day in order to stay healthy, fight sickness and prevent disease in our bodies. 

There exists 90 essential nutrients that help you overcome, chronic fatigue, the common cold, arthritis, allergies, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid, cancer and so much more.   We learned how to help ourselves through the choices we made of what went into our body and giving it a little help along the way by knowing and understanding how get an adequate amount of necessary nutrients for optimal health.  By doing so we now feel and look younger than we did in our 20’s. I am still working in my Salon 3 afternoons a week, and homeschooling my children, but now I do it pain free! I can’t forget to mention my husband is now working pain free too, has more energy and is 60 lbs. lighter! All because we get our 90 essentials everyday. If we could make the lifestyle changes so can you!

A Gift Of Information

 This ebook is full of information and testimonials regarding the results many others have received by making these changes. It’s a gift to you in hopes that you will gain what you need to also live pain free.

Our body is a precious gift given to us, and we were given only one body in life. If you don’t look after it now, where are you going to live?  I also invite you to start off 2014 with a decision to create a stronger body. Join me and many others and take The 30 Day Plank Challenge! Minutes a day can make a huge difference to your body.   I will be unfolding many more intriguing insights and facts. Keep dropping in for more helpful information that so many others simply don’t know.



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