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This IS the Gateway To Your Desires!

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Do you realize you have the power within you to be/do/have whatever you desire, right NOW?

After I figured out a formula for getting what I want, I always wondered why this wasn’t taught in school. After all, isn’t school supposed to give us the foundation for a truly wonderful life?

My awareness and understanding of the power of the subconscious mind came from over 25 years of experimentation that included investing over 1.5 million dollars; suffice it to say I had skin in the game!  I wrote about the power of the subconscious mind in my book, here’s an excerpt from my book The Alchemy of True Success:

Your subconscious mind brings to your attention that which you focus on. For example, have you ever noticed when you consciously make up your mind to buy a certain make and model of car, you begin to see that type of car everywhere? While the same make and model of that particular vehicle was always in your view, your subconscious mind didn’t think it was important to bring your attention to it. It’s only when you assert your awareness that you begin to take notice.

When you have an experience, you truly believe that your experience is new and immediate. However, what’s actually happening is that you’re processing the past from projected memory.

Your eyes allow for input, just as a lens on a camera allows for an image to be processed or photographed; yet the lens is not taking the picture. Similarly, your eyes are not processing the image you’re seeing either. The image you take in through your eyes gets filtered through your visual cortex and is not in real time but rather is being projected from memory.

This is why it’s imperative to spend time visualizing the kind of life you desire regardless of your current situation. Your brain and body are so powerful that you have the ability to override what you visually see with what you desire to see. For example, you are looking at your bank statement seeing $1,000. However, choosing to see a balance of $10,000 on your statement will help bring that to you. This process allows for the images that you hold within to manifest for you.

 You draw experiences to you that are congruent to your mindset

If you have an abundant mindset, you’ll experience more people, places and things that will reflect abundance back to you. Conversely, if you have a mindset rooted in fear and scarcity, you’ll attract people, places and things that reflect the experience of lack back to you.

It’s important to be selective when it comes to being conscious. Attempting to be conscious every moment of every day can exhaust you and deplete you of your carnal energy, since conscious thinking takes more energy. Therefore, the goal of a successful and enlightened life can be reached by being selectively conscious. There is much talk about the importance of becoming conscious. However, due to the fact that your subconscious controls 95% of your thoughts and therefore your behavior, I believe it’s more important to focus on your subconscious so it is in alignment with your conscious desires. The flow evolves as such:

jaden graph

We must evaluate and understand the aspects of our life that demand sincere attention. In order to attain your dreams and goals, you’ll have to assess what is truly intrinsic to your happiness. By pointing your subconscious mind in the direction that you wish for it to go, your experiences will reflect back to you what you truly desire.”

So, what do you truly desire?  Take a moment and think about that question, your answer is vital to your wellbeing and to what shows up for you.

If you are unsure of what you desire…allow yourself to dream a little dream. However, please consider a dream that is truly what your heart desires.

Here are a few suggestions for how to discover what you desire:

1.  Ask your self, “If I had all the resources I think I need, who would I be, what would I do and what would I have?” Most people don’t allow themselves to dream because they think they lack resources: money, time, love and etc.

2.  What is the common theme that keeps showing up in my life? If you take a moment and really look at what you are drawn to on a regular basis, i.e. certain books, movies, magazines, websites and blogs you will start to see a common theme emerge. People are naturally drawn to those things that are aligned with their true nature; in fact, lets refer to this as your natural theme.

3.  Ask yourself how does my natural theme relate to what I desire to be/do/have in life?

4.  Research how you can align with your natural theme. For example, will you start a business around this theme? Perhaps you can do work part time (to start) around the theme that most resonates with you? Maybe you can volunteer at a company that already offers a product or service that is in alignment with your theme. Testing your theme out will quickly show you if you are ready to take a leap into creating a life aligned with what you truly desire.

You subconscious mind is more than a warehouse to store your experiences, thoughts, and beliefs it is actually an ally and will assist you to achieve what you desire.

The key in working with the subconscious is to get it in agreement with your conscious thinking mind. You can do this by saying out loud, “subconscious will you please partner with me so that I can experience (you fill in the blank).”   Then show it a visual of what you truly desire; you living in a beautiful new home, with the love of your life, happy and joyful. You will be amazed at how quickly things will line up for you so that you will have the experience you are already showing your subconscious.

Please comment below and share what you are showing your subconscious mind.

Happy Visualizing!

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