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How To Generate Hope To Millions

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What if, in times of loss, catastrophic, job or anything that turns your world upside, there was someone who could take you by the hand and walk you through the darkness to the light?  What if hope was easier to achieve than you once believed?

It is and through the diligent and incredibly facilitated efforts of The Hope Generator, Janelle Breese Biagioni, many are now finding they can elegantly move on with their lives after such loss.

‘I understand the abject hopelessness and loneliness of loss having personally experienced catastrophic loss of key family members 5 times within 3 years’, states Biagioni.  ‘I’m on a mission to soothe the bereaved giving them the necessary hope to pass through the burden of their own pain and reconnect to life once again. I know this journey well.’

Janelle, a Registered Professional Counsellor in Victoria, BC, specializing in bereavement care and grief and loss associated with acquired brain injury has travelled the road to wholeness after what many would consider an almost impossible series of events from which to heal.

Janelle's Book

Janelle’s Book

In 1979, her brother-in-law was murdered. In 1986, her father was tragically killed in a trucking accident. Barely reaching solid ground after these previous events, her husband a police officer, brother, and a close friend, all died from brain injuries within 18 months of one another, a mere 2 years after her father’s death. Their untimely deaths caused Janelle to plummet into a void of sorrow and despair.

Her heroic climb back to a life full of purpose has aligned her to the suffering in the lives of others that now walk the road she once travelled. The knowledge gleaned from her despair and how to release the grip of agony one is placed in, is now the basis for the transformative work she now flows out into the world.

Janelle, offers coaching, speaking, consulting and ritual specialization.  She is a trained ritual specialist helping people  create meaningful ceremonies that heals grief to honour and acknowledge their loved ones during important occasions and holidays.

Her book, Life Losses, answers the question, “how will I ever survive?” It’s a situation faced by millions through situations not only brought on by death but through loss of jobs, relationships and/or finances. Coping through the harsh realities of life especially for children and youth can be difficult to circumvent and Janelle brings her years of experience, insight and journey to empower, inspire and shine a powerful light of hope to all those in need.

As the ‘Hope Generator’, Janelle takes you from the darkness of your situation into the light through a series of instructions designed to relive the burden and despair of your situation. Her powerful insights blended with wonderfully designed tools and storytelling skills which gives each the language to cope, make her the ideal go-to person in loss and grief situations.

Janelle broadcasts her Hope Generating message and training through radio shows, magazine interviews, TV and both corporate and association speaking engagements. Counselling and group workshops both on and offline are also available in order to touch and breathe new life into the hearts of 1 million people needing her unique path to wholeness.

Janelle’s Website

Janelle’s Media Site

Janelle’s Mojo Talk Radio Interview

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