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Hanging Out With Pam In Victoria, BC!

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Pamela Sylvan, Editor

When I first conceived the Downtown and Around project in 2012, I simply wanted to highlight my experiences in the downtown in which I lived back in Ontario.

When I made the big move out West to the Island, I decided to re-launch this online concept in much the same way I left it, creating nice little stories and giving shout-outs to small unique businesses and those that ran them.

I did just that. I recreated what was.

I hated it.

It held no oomph!  I wanted something that would really engage people. Something that would tell powerful, amusing, colourful stories about the people I met, places I visited and my experiences as I live my life out loud in this place, at this time, at my age!

Life, I’ve discovered, is a blast! Getting up in the morning and heading out to walk along the sea is trippy. Greeting others enjoying the same experience brings energy to my day and since I absolutely love telling stories…here I am about to do just that!

So watch out!  I will be putting most of it out there. Victoria and its neighborhoods are perfect for the biggest project on my plate…re-engineering my life. This is the time that I take control and create a healthier body, outlook and experience. I’ve landed in a place that provides the building blocks for me to do just that. Jackpot!

Sharing what works is my plan. Bringing you newly discovered treasures is my focus. Highlighting the experts that light the way will be part of this publication.  D & A contributors are brilliant women that add a touch of class, pizazz and of course valuable knowledge that will make my journey and that of many others more effortless and fun!

Oh by the way….the oomph is on its way! Keep coming back and watch this magazine evolve! As I said before…trippy!

This magazine/blog is a living document. I will always be adding and sharing and posting personal videos of my experiences while out and about Victoria.

Life is too delicious not to be documented and captured. Follow along as I do  just that here in beautiful Victoria, BC!

And one last thing…. please follow along on Facebook for daily updates on what’s currently happening!

Much love,

Pamela Sylvan

Writer/Author/Fascination Coach/Blogger/PR Specialist



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