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Happy? This ‘Sherpa’ Shows You How

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How willing ARE you to be happy?

Seriously.  Are feelings of buoyancy and radiance emotional points you consistently evoke in your life?

It’s such an unusual question for many.  We assume happiness comes and goes on gossamer wings and is not an actual concrete ‘thing’ we allow to happen or flow to us.  According to ‘The Sherpa of Happiness’, Valerie Sheppard, it’s a process of undoing some things and lining up others, while rebuilding our new story.

Who knew work would be involved in something so seemingly simple, yet the journey to joy and contentment is not as easily navigated as initially thought.

heart of living vibrantly

Valerie’s new book, ‘Happy To Be Me’, click to order your advanced copy on her Heart of Living Vibrantly website.

Look at young children.  Happiness is their natural state of being.  As we grow, the tendency to ‘be happy’ at any given moment, lessens.  Life gets in the way, painful situations linger and messages of how to be and act supersedes our once natural state.

I think of my own ability to be happy.  I smile when I think of the laundry list of things on which I hinge my ability to radiate joy, or not.  Is abundance flowing?  Are my loved ones acting ‘right’? Is business lining up as planned? Is the sun shining?

My personal outlook on life is no better or worse than most people, yet I know the struggle of my thinking which can get in the way of joy can be quite the obstacle if I’m not paying attention.  Happiness can be fleeting if awareness slips away.

Valerie Sheppard has made happiness a study and an art form.  As an  inspirational keynote speaker, published author, Professor at the University of California, Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor and a member of an award winning improve comedy troupe, she has seen the gamut of emotion and now brings her experience and expertise on the subject of happiness to the world.

Her 4 step process helps us start down the road to feeling good:

Wake up: to the truth of who you are

Shake up: what is out of alignment

Create: the new story

Take up: the challenge

Listen in as Valerie shares the pervasive thoughts, fears and beliefs that stand in the way of our happiness and what we can do to ensure more of those good feelings are part of our experience.

Valerie’s Website

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