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Taking Social Experience Up A Level

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‘You should have been there’, is perhaps the most dreaded phrase for the socially inclined of Victoria.  Simply knowing that a memorable and high energy event was missed, is a bitter pill to swallow, especially if the event in question was one produced by Aidan Henry of Brink Events.

Aidan, is not an event planner in the normal sense.  His vision encapsulates a total sensory undertaking that creates a one of kind outing for those in the room.

An enormous passion for his craft and skill as a ‘social experience’ creator was evident as he spoke of past creations.   A knowingness and feeling, along with loads of  panache and the ability to juggle a plethora of details provides the ‘sweet spot’ for Aidan.  His ability to thrive in organized chaos allows him to bring his full ability to bear on any project in front of him and his team.  ‘It’s about the confidence to powerfully create what your client wants and being totally aware of how attendees want and need to feel at the end of the event’, stated Henry.

…it’s about taking care of people ~ Aidan Henry

His signature mark is transforming uncommon spaces into event venues, bringing them magically to life with light, colour and sound.  The opportunity to create the all important ‘WOW’ factor is never missed or lightly glossed over.   The wow factor was highly evident at the recent Douglas Magazine 10 To Watch Awards held at the Songhees Wellness Centre.  Rave reviews came in during and after the event.  Lighting, sound, attention to detail, all were produced in such a way that attendees came away saying it was the best produced event they’ve attended to date.

After 3 1/2 years in event production, Henry has acquired an even greater appreciation for the importance of communication.  Listening and understanding what is needed to get the job done is the determining factor for success or failure in this business.  This is not just about creating events, it’s about taking care of people.

His premier event, Diner en Blanc, is a highly anticipated social happening in Victoria, June 25, 2015.  The concept is this; dress one’s self head to toe in white, with no indication of the final rendezvous.  The beauty of approximately 1600 people in white descending on a secret location not only peaks the imagination but adds to its drama, and increased sensory explosion.

diner en blanc2

Diner en Blanc – on the way to the secret location

diner en blanc5

Diner en Blanc – a captivating sea of white



diner en blanc4

Diner en Blanc – the good times continue into the night

Aidan’s long term goal is to produce ultimate social experiences at an international level.  He will be that guy one calls to create a soiree on a private island in the South Pacific or atop a skyscraper in Dubai, that will leave guests enthralled with lasting memories, budget not an issue.

In the meantime, beautiful and thoughtful productions continue to be Henry’s main focus always with his long term goal in mind.  Giving back to the community through mentoring aspiring event planners or by helping out in a volunteer capacity, keeps him grounded and plugged into this place he calls home.  Inspiring others to greatness and encouraging them to follow their dream is his great passion along with his work which also happens to be his play.

This young man is one to watch.  His enthusiasm, drive, willingness to dig in and get the job done doing what he loves is an inspiration to be around.  We should all be so blessed.

For more information on the upcoming Diner en Blanc visit: or call him at 250 882 9691.

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