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It Makes All the Difference In the World

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What is it about a perfectly proportioned wine glass that makes one just want to hold it up to the light? A slender stem and oversized bowl made from fine glass or crystal,  a small pleasure in life. At least for me. When I come across beautiful stemware, I fall in love, again.

My obsession has gone to the point where I now carefully choose where I dine. Yes, based on the offering of stemware by restos, I choose where I shall eat.

A obsession gone bad? Maybe. However, you must agree that part of the fine dining experience is not just a olfactory one, but also one based on sight, sound and touch. Clink.

I’m surprised by how many eateries miss this point. Dining is not about filling up. It’s an outing. An epicurean delight looked forward to with friends or loved ones.

Since living in the area, I’ve chosen my spots. It’s taken time to do so, but ‘they’ are marked. These spots receive my business regularly. They get it. They understand the need.

I’ve not shared my stemware insanity with anyone Not shared the spots I now favour, but it’s there all the time, always at the ready when a decision is needed.

Do you have a stemware fetish? If so, where and how do you satisfy it?  Do tell!



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