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Keith Urban – Rocking Duncan at Sunfest 2015

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Post by:  Teoni Spathelfer

The fun began as we hopped the shuttle bus from downtown Duncan,BC to the Sunfest Concert site. On the ten minute bus ride a group of six ladies were singing Keith Urban songs and talking about their favorite KU music!


The first thing you notice when going to a concert at the Sunfest outdoor venue in Duncan is the gorgeous, lush, green mountain backdrop!  The main stage looks out to a sloped field which creates a natural amphitheater and made for the best outdoor music festival  sound I’ve ever heard.

Duncan backdrop

Duncan backdrop

The show began with Keith strumming back stage , many in the crowd didn’t realize he was already playing until he walked out on to the stage with his guitar. His signature strumming was his only introduction.  He opened his show with “Long Hot Summer” which the almost 20,000 in attendance happily sang along to.

Fan favs like “Somebody Like You”,  “Sweet Thing”, “Cop Car”, “Raise Em Up” and “You Look Good In My Shirt”  saw couples embrace in a slow dance, others having circle sing alongs while most fist pumped, sang and danced their way through Keith’s award winning repertoire.

Many times throughout his performance Keith fondly mentioned  the gorgeous, big orange moon that hung over the field!    With four Grammy’s  and countless awards under his belt Keith’s lyrics and music retain an honest , down to earth feel as he sings of  life’s ups and downs , hope and love.  Not only is it the stuff we can all relate too,  it’s a place where rock glides into country music!

The magic Urban delivers not only came through in the over an hour and a half he played but in the  amazing audience  participation he welcomes onto the stage.   As he has been doing everywhere he plays on his “Raise Em Up” tour , fans were invited to submit a video of themselves singing his song “We Were Us”  which he recorded with Miranda Lambert.

ku 3

Nighttime view of Keith on stage.

One person from each tour date is then picked to sing this song on stage with him.  The lucky Sunfest  winner  was talented Kayla Gardner  from Delta, BC.  Urban had  a runner up to the contest in the form of 11 year old Lauren Spencer Smith from Port Alberni, BC,  Lauren skillfully belted out and won the crowd over with an Adele ballad she sang with the Country Super Star!

He also invited a young woman onto stage to take a selfie with him, he gave away one of his guitars too a lady that jumped on stage and played a little air guitar as Keith finished his song; next up Keith invited Mike from Duncan to sing “Kiss A Girl” with him. Mike owned the stage and hand slapped the crowd as he ran along the runway singing , Duncan’s next rock star had the audience in stitches!

Thankfully KU is a seasoned professional, he’s been performing for over 35 years and he knows the importance of  an encore performance!  If he didn’t,  the crowd wouldn’t have been treated to an encore because,  in my opinion they were too quiet and didn’t call him back out very loudly.  Once he was back on stage the crowd came back to life and shared the love with the New Zealand born Country Gentleman!

On a more personal note my favorite pair of black country cowgirl boots were blessed by their second KU show , yet it was my first show!  How does that work you may wonder?  Well in January 2014 my daughter borrowed these boots when,  she attended her first Keith concert in Vancouver.  I believe things happen in three’s , so here’s to my next Urban concert in my fav country boots!  Another opportunity to wear my  boots  will be at the 2016 Sunfest event where Carrie Underwood will be the headliner!

Note – If  you are a Keith Urban fan you can follow him on Facebook and twitter where he gives updates about his tour and after concerts.  These updates are made interesting by KU as he gives glimpses backstage or he shows some of the scenery along the way. You get the sense he is loving what he is doing and wants to share that with as many fans as possible.



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