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How Le Chateau Came Through For A Previous Loyal Customer

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Throughout my teenage years, Le Chateau, a Canadian retailer founded in Montreal in the late 1950’s, was my prime choice.   When not wearing my school uniform, jeans sweaters and tshirts were my go to choices.


Now don’t get me wrong,  although casual, this simple attire had to look good and feel good and Le Chateau provided the choice that I needed.  Their selection also sat at a price point I could afford at that age.


As I grew older, graduated and went into the world of full time work, dressing for an office environment was a major consideration and I veered away from Le Chateau.  As a young woman on the move, I had my sights set on stores that offered power dressing selections that was so prevalent in the 80’s; suits and dresses that followed along TV shows like Dynasty and Dallas and other power induced dramas of the time.

Arrived in scepticism and leaving with great selections!

Arrived in scepticism and leaving with great selections!

Decades passed and the Le Chateau brand faded away from my sights only to be faintly resurrected as my teenage daughter began her own fashion journey.  Seeing her arrive home with bags branded with the store’s logo only solidified in my mind that I had no business there.


I did however notice that when visiting shopping centre’s in last few years, flagship Le Chateau stores began to appear.  The windows were larger and bright and told a story of fashion, career and evening soirees.  No longer did it scream ‘teeny bopper’ to me.  Yet I stayed away because it was entrenched in my mind that it was still targeted for a much younger demographic.


Recently I had need of an outfit and perhaps a new look to attend the 2016 Unlimited Woman Awards, as a nominee in the Woman of Style category.  I called upon the services of friend and stylist, Jodi Bryans to help me through the ordeal of finding something appropriate for the occasion.  In a recent post, Why You Should Let Someone Else Dress You, I shared my perspective of the styling process I experienced while with Jodi.


my outfit

‘Lauren’s Closet’ label and shoes from Le Chateau. Neckpiece by Melissa Caron Jewellers.



What was really surprising of the styling process was the use of Le Chateau.  At my age, Le Chateau seemed an odd choice.  Although Jodi worked there, she also had the ability to style via any store in the mall.  Since I reached out to her for help, I decided to trust her judgement on this matter.


Surprise #1

I actually liked the choices I noticed as I entered the store.  The styles matched my tastes and colour selections were in keeping with current and seasonal trends.


Surprise #2

The quality was more upgraded than I remembered.  One of my prime reasons for not previously considering Le Chateau was I imagined they would not have the fabric quality that’s always important to me.  Based on price points, the quality stood up to muster nicely.


Once I was satisfied I wouldn’t look cheap in anything she selected, Jodi went about the process of helping me choose.


Canadian born actress Lauren Holly, has collaborated with Le Chateau and curated a sophisticated collection called Lauren’s Closet which is designed by Le Chateau.  It was also good to learn that company makes a lot of their clothing line here in Canada.


Champagne coloured clutch and black leather mules courtesy of Le Chateau

Champagne coloured clutch and black leather mules courtesy of Le Chateau


The line is beautiful and very sophisticated.


A sleek black and white dress coupled with a sleeveless overcoat with a large overflowing collar was pulled together, a Lauren’s Closet label.  Next, we chose shoes and a champagne coloured clutch to finish off the look.


I was thrilled with the outfit.  Finding a complete outfit in a store I once considered ‘too young’ and ‘under sophisticated’ has definitely turned my thinking around. The outfit was a big hit.


I will add Le Chateau on my list of shopping destinations in the future.


A major thank you to Jodi Bryans for taking the time to help me see what was possible and making a great first choice.


I also would like to thank Le Chateau for the complete outfit they let me take home.   I felt wonderful all evening, the dress and shoes were incredibly comfortable, I didn’t even mind showing my arms, which I never do.


Two thumbs up for this long time Canadian retailer who is also making great strides in their online business. They’re truly a brand that has grown along with its original target audience.


Thanks to Special Edition sponsors:  Le Chateau, A La Mode, Melissa Caron Jewellers, Eve Of Change

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