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Lying Naked On The Page – In Conversation With Hudson Mack

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The prospect of facing the question of who we are without the security and prop of our life defining stuff, frightens most people.

It’s not something we readily contemplate or anticipate happening, yet epic life changing circumstances will come knocking at our door and when it does, defining who we truly are, is the only thing we will have left in the moment.

Guest, Hudson Mack, shares his life defining moment with us. His story allows us to peek in and see the end is in fact actually the beginning.

Hudson has been the face of television news on Vancouver Island in the last few decades. A multi-award winning broadcaster, he’s worked at CHEK News as senior anchor and assistant news director for 19 years before “crossing the street” to competitor The New VI. Shocking viewers and industry members alike, Mack’s move was bold and potentially career shattering. Reflecting on the decision, Mack admits even he wasn’t certain where this new path would lead. 

His newly launched memoir; Hudson Mack: Unsinkable Anchor shows the man behind the desk, combining personal and professional stories. The veteran journalist intertwines humorous moments—such as Prince Philip’s awkward interaction with Mack’s wife, Patty—with candid descriptions of heartbreaking periods in his life, including the loss of his father and sister to cancer. Hudson Mack is a refreshing and entertaining read  and explains why he’s chosen to leave broadcast journalism behind… at least for now.

Listen in as Hudson shows us how unsinkability is something for anyone open to life’s possibilities.

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