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This Is How You Make Anything Grow

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Love and attention.

That’s how you make anything grow or expand.

While out and about running errands downtown, I stopped for a quick bite to eat.  I landed in a fast food area of an office complex and to my surprise this particular section was taken up with a sushi establishment. As I wandered about, the owner gave me a hearty greeting so of course I did the same.  I usually don’t eat in food court type setups, but something about the owner’s warm welcome made me take a seat.

I experienced the best customer service since  my time in Victoria while at Sushi Time Express, located at St. Andrew’s Square at 735 Yates St.  Margaret So, Owner/Manager and her husband (taking creative licence here) ensured that I was well taken care of and had all that I needed. What surprised me was the treatment they lavished on me and all their customers. You felt as if you were in an actual restaurant. You aren’t left to languish at a table with your purchase. They came over to inquire if all was ok. Margaret asked if I wanted a glass of water – imagine that!

Bento Box

Bento Box

She went on to ask what I did, asked for my card and said she would check out the magazine. I could see that she was genuine in her interest in me as her customer and as a person.

Not only did Sushi Express provide great service, their food pricing was a treat as well!

Well done Margaret! You definitely have my vote and future ‘quick bite’ dollars as well!  You’re also a great example of how to make anything grow through love and attention. Cheers!










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