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Manifesto & Mapping Magic – The Art of Making Things Happen

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‘Vertical alignment of our soul’.

Intriguing.  However, when in conversation with the fabulous Sherrice Langedahl-Kirby, intriguing is only one of the many vibrant words one can use to describe this vivacious and jazzy woman.  True alignment of one’s soul in business and life is her calling.

As someone that’s always on the lookout for beautiful souls offering spiralled-up conversations, it was sensational to make the acquaintance of Sherrice who in my estimation is a fellow mojo maker.

She’s someone that gets it, works it and walks it.

Not only does she get it, she speaks about it with such eloquence and passion, all I could do during our meeting was soak in what she was communicating across the table that day.

Sherrice offers coaching, strategy and mentorship to conscious entrepreneurs and executives.  By her definition, conscious entrepreneurs are those that have a sense of awareness around their values and how it congruently relates to their clients, environment and world at large.  She provides the space and co-creation for her clients to level up to a more purposeful experience in their personal and business lives.

Sherrice brings mastery to the business of designing great lives.  Vertical alignment is the process she navigates clients through, helping them appropriately lineup values that exponentially propels them to the excellence, performance and results they seek.

‘Mapping’ a technique she institutes with her clients, is a process this life design artist strongly recommends. Listing your top 5 most important things in your life starts this process, one that does not come easy to many.  Pulling out what is essential takes work.  What we deem necessary may not always be so.  We are pre-disposed into fooling ourselves about what truly requires our energy and attention.  Discovery about what’s important will make a huge impact if given the space to do so.

Figuring out what you want, mapping it, then taking action is the elixir to life’s accomplishment.  ~ Sherrice Kirby

I asked Sherrice why she believes people don’t take the actions that will get them what they want.  Fear, laziness and lack of clarity are the most common realities in people’s lives’, she responded.  Mediocrity becomes the norm for those that settle simply because they didn’t seek clarity or constructed a plan of action.

Execution is key!  Many have great ideas, but no clue or thought how to start down the path to creation, thereby allowing their dream to languish and then die.

At time-frame 14:35 on the video below, Sherrice and I get into a powerful narrative around what I consider to be the true pandemic of our time, the inability to claim and put into action what you say you want.  I consider this section to be well worth listening to again and again.

Kirby is a big believer in group energy via masterminding.  Each year she hosts a powerful year long mastermind that allows you to  create a vision and develop strategies to make your personal and professional life the greatest version of success that you can imagine.

Listen in as Sherrice and I discuss the grand designing of one’s life and how you can begin the journey in your own life.

Sherrice Kirby’s Website

Sherrice Kirby’s Facebook Page


[Video quality in a couple of spots may be a bit wobbly, still worth taking a listen]



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