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Choose Your Colour Styling Like This

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Post by: Josh Pool

As a way of introduction of being the newest addition to Downtown and Around, I wanted to do something completely different.

Interestingly, there was an opportunity to contribute to the fashion section from the start.  I enjoyed fashion for as long as I could remember but could not successfully break into the industry. Looking back, I realized it was due to my fear of allowing my colours to shine. There were countless times when I felt societal resistance.  Most commonly the resistance took form in the assumption I was gay. My mode of dress caused most of the conversation and opinions people held,  thinking this must be the reason why I dressed the way I did.


I came to realize the huge impact that appearance and clothing choice had on how people were treated in our society.  To prove this point, I used my own appearance to communicate what I wanted to say.  To my pleasure, it worked quite well. Maybe a little too well.

As an ex-punkhead, I wore copious amounts of black with a touch of crimson and the occasional spots of white. As you would guess, people avoided me.  I often enjoyed the solitude but it also brought immense resistance. When I reached out to connect for employment opportunities, I was greeted with a wall that I would then try to break down with my personality.

Meeting new people proved equally challenging. I finally saw the light  during a family vacation to Spain and Italy.  Beautiful array of outfits with subtle rich colours existed everywhere we went.

So began my quest to challenge myself to search for more amazing outfits and colours to inspire my own wardrobe.  As I now walk the streets of Victoria with this new mindset, the juxtaposition between the beauty of my surroundings and the mob of dark dull tones that occupy them, struck me.

Victoria, opportunities to create unique looks.

Victoria, opportunities to create unique looks.

Victoria has the most unique boutiques found anywhere and with it, the perfect combination for creating beautiful outfits. Therefore, I would like to propose a challenge. Now that Spring is here and the flowers are blossoming, why not  allow ourselves to bloom and share it with the world, even if it means starting with a subtle touch of colour that grows into to rich vibrancy.


Like the flower, there too will come a time for us to blossom into the colours we each hold within.  We simply need to allow ourselves the opportunity to shine despite any fears we may have. As a way to help encourage you, I will continue to wander the streets of Victoria, only this time to share beautiful possibilities with you. Here’s to continuing to make Victoria an even more beautiful city.


Spring blooms, examples of colour styling selection.


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