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Niche Travelling- Boosting Your Life Experience

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Destination travelling typically conjures up images of packing, jet planes, navigating customs, hotel reservations, day tripping and the occasional prayer sent up to the weather gods for warm and sunny forecasts throughout.

Once all the above is successfully achieved and back on familiar territory, fond memories of a wonderful holiday with copious amounts of pictures are shared with friends and family.

Consider this.  What if you had the opportunity to experience journeys with a built in capacity to change your life?  What if travel and specifically, niche travel, had the ability to transform how you experienced yourself and the world, would you go?


Transformation is the point of destination travel.  While many book vacations to escape busy lives or the ravages of long winters, many others are now leaving to go abroad and discover the rest of the world and all the amazing and fascinating treasures it holds.

Niche Travel, Niche Women’s Tours and Departures Travel’s  owner and CEO (Chief Exploration Officer), Cathy Scott lives her dream by supplying beautiful travel experiences.

Scott is passionate about the world of travel and with over 14 years creating fabulous experiences, she has witnessed the profound changes within people brought on by the creation of dream destination packages not readily found through other tour operators.

Although she furnishes the usual travel pieces such as vacation packages, cruises, flights and hotel accommodations, her speciality reigns in the area of custom built boutique travel, for women.

Women are very open to travel but don’t necessarily want to do so alone and with their high sense of adventure, many have discovered that signing on for group touring is a great way to meet new friends that end up turning into life long and heart felt associations.

In the age of online everything including flight and tour arrangements, Cathy’s travel businesses are flourishing.  Her team’s attention to high quality details and the ability to coordinate local staff in each destination to provide just the right touch, is what gives Niche Travel their stellar reputation as an outfit that provides exemplary and unique signature tours for women.


Hanging out in Turkey – Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia

Scott also provides beautiful luxury experiences for those travelling inbound to Victoria, BC, allowing them to experience the best of Victoria’s own secrets.  Whether it be culinary tastings, wine destinations or dropping in to meet owners of exclusive properties, Cathy can do it.  Victoria is seen in a whole new, exclusive and ‘hidden’ way for those adventurous enough to give Cathy the go ahead to arrange each aspect on their behalf.

So the question to ask is, are you ready to travel and see parts of the world only dreamed about?  Are you ready to meet other adventurers and together, witness and evoke high emotions while taking in jaw-dropping beauty and wonder?

If yes, it’s time to give Cathy a call, tell her your travel wishes then sit back and watch her team spin their magic on your behalf.  You too will then become part of a unique group of people that say ‘we did it the ‘Niche’ travel way.’



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