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An Olympian Working The Plan - D & A
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An Olympian Working The Plan

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Re-invention.  Change.  Results.

We dream and talk endlessly of moving ourselves to a new way of being, always with the hope of creating a better version of ourselves.

Yet, despise our best intentions, we slip and slide back to level, the place we started the journey, leaving frustration and disillusionment in its wake.

Taking stock of who you are in the midst of change is an important aspect to consider.  Are you ready to go through the myriad of emotional upheavals that will follow as you breakthrough to the other side of you?

Many will say yes, but only a few will make it.  Why?

My guess is they were unprepared for all that is involved when it comes to the journey of change.  A plan of action outlining all distractions and possible roadblocks are required.

In my own journey for re-invention, I came across a body professional that spoke to me about such a plan.  The ‘plan’ first begins with a powerful choice and decision.  It highlights the thoughts we think and brings in the creation of a big ‘why’ .  It delves in the question, ‘why do we want to change?’

elena 2

Along with your guidance, Elena creates a powerful plan for success. Photos: Natali Stanley Photography

Elena Muratova brought clarity to my journey of re-invention.

I met this unique woman at a local event.  As someone in PR, I know the power of differentiating factors and its importance.  This woman had it.  This beauty shone brightly among all else that day.  Not only was she physically fit, with a sense of clear and high energy and a personality to match, she also brought an incredible sense of self and an approachable manner.  To top things off, she had no hair!

In a world where a woman’s crowning glory is intently focused upon, Muratova sports a clean shaven countenance and does so with confidence and pride.  I loved it!

Not only was she obviously walking her talk with her fitness story, she was bold and audacious.  I knew I had discovered a game changer.

Elena grew up in a family with professional coaches in skiing and skating as parents.   Within this environment of athleticism and achievement, her love for skiing was born.  After years of competing in international Freestyle skiing competitions at the highest levels in Europe, Muratova realized her dream and represented Russia in 2014 at the Olympic Games in Sochi for the Russian National Team.

As a professional athlete, Elena is no stranger to devastating defeats and incredible wins.  After two knee surgeries and copious amounts of recovery time, she discovered that she could pull together her love of sport, training and people and create an arena she could excel which led her to the world of personal training.

Professional sports taught her to overcome difficulties, achieve goals, and onboard the incredible power of perseverance. She learned from a young age under the tutelage of her coach-father that anything is possible and everyone can realize a dream, making life better and more interesting once the decision to do so is made.

elena 3

An Olympian using her skills to help you to your finish line. Photo: Natali Stanley Photography

With a Bachelor degree in physical education and sport from Russian State University of Sport, she is also certified by CanFitPro as a Personal Training Specialist.  As I spoke with Elena, I could she her love for personal training and the reward gained watching people attain their goals.

Oh yes, the plan.

We spoke at length about the importance of sitting down with someone that knows exactly what power questions to bring to the forefront.  Beginning anything, especially exercise, without proper guidance and a deep dive into your knowingness and awareness makes the journey difficult.

We spoke of environment, thought processes, desire, support, accountability, food and energy output.  The plan captures the ingredients necessary for achievement.  It’s like baking a cake, organize the ingredients in the right amounts and add some heat and you have a beautiful creation.

Collaborating with someone who works from their genius is the secret sauce to success.  Muratova works in her zone of genius bringing this special energy to each training relationship.

Re-invention is difficult.  Decide to make it easier by partnering with someone prepared to help you reach the finish line.

Elena is prepared, on fire and works from her zone of expertise.  Why not get your own plan in place.  She’ll be there at the finish to help you celebrate.

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