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Follow This One Feng Shui Tip And Feel Free

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Post by Gail Cole

As a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, I often get asked how people can improve their quality of life. Should they move a couch, paint a wall another colour, or add a plant here or there? These are all ways to change the energy flow in their homes, and that’s what Feng Shui is all about – creating better energy and balance.

If you want the number one way to create better Feng Shui, it’s very simple. Start by decluttering and you will feel more physically and mentally free.  Getting rid of just one box of stuff can have a great impact on your psyche. It’s all about letting go.

Since clutter affects you physically and mentally, it’s on our minds unconsciously all the time!  “Where are my car keys? Where is the bill I should have paid last week?  What are we having for dinner?” Our society is so weighed down with bills, commitments, and family that we rush around not feeling satisfied and spending little time figuring out why?  All this imbalance causes stress and unhappiness.

Front door - keep this area clean and welcoming.

Front door – keep this area clean and welcoming.

Seeing clutter every day, walking past it, agonizing over what to do with it, and feeling guilty about it becomes a constant struggle in our minds. I should specify that clutter not only includes boxes of stuff, but also things on your kitchen counter, shoes blocking the doorway, a messy bathroom, etc…  We know what we should do, but there is something holding us back.  Procrastination is often the reason and simply not wanting to deal with ‘stuff’.

In order to have good Feng Shui energy in our homes, it is important to accept decluttering as a process.  Get started, take emotion out of the picture, and see it for what it is – ‘stuff’.  I’m not saying you can’t keep a few family heirlooms and items from the past that make you feel good. Just decide to have less of it to avoid overwhelm in your daily life. Once you’re passed that, some simple Feng Shui changes will help the energy start flowing better and make your home a harmonious and peaceful place to be.

In Feng Shui, Family, Health, Money, Career, and Relationships areas are all located in SPECIFIC areas of your home depending on the floor plan. If you have clutter in any of these areas, chances are that that part of your life is in chaos too.  Also, clutter creep will start to show up in other areas.

I know that if I had help with my own Feng Shui sooner, opportunities and freedom could have changed my life earlier, so make this your year to get organized!

Here are some tips to create good Feng Shui in your home:

1.  Your front door receives most of the energy that comes into your home.  It influences opportunities and money into your life.  Keep this area clean and welcoming.

2.  Your master bedroom influences your love life and health to an amazing degree.  Make sure there is nothing under the bed, little or no clutter around the room, and coverings on your windows ensuring a peaceful and relaxing sleep at night.

3.  Your kitchen is the heart of the home and affects your wealth.  If your stove and counters are clean, the energy flow increases and you will be more relaxed and energized when preparing nutritious food.

The Kitchen is the heart of your home.

The Kitchen is the heart of your home.

I have many other great tips – just know that you are not alone and celebrate your successes by treating yourself after you spend time decluttering!

Happiness is the primary goal of Feng Shui… Be happy and feel FREE!




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