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Part 2 – How To Create A Powerful Wealth Mindset

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Creating wealth is simply a state of mind.

Many of us at times wonder how we can change our money and wealth stories.  Some try all sorts of get rich quick schemes to make things better, but not much changes. In the end, what we say we want and what we actually experience tend to be two different realities; we want prosperity but experience lack.

How is this possible?

In part 2 of our discussion (see below), Business Strategist and Wealth Coach, Jaden Sterling brings powerful insights to this much talked about topic.  He teaches that no matter what we say we want, subconsciously we block ourselves from having it because we carry strong beliefs about what is possible for ourselves.

Jaden shared that as a young man he went from the experience of wealth to that of almost poverty due to changes in his family circumstances.  As he watched his mother do her best to make ends meet, the belief that money was hard to get seeped into his consciousness.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does.  The beliefs we hold around money issues are the most pervasive thoughts of our time.  A lot of our happiness and well being centers around money, and whether or not it flows abundantly.  So the question remains, how do we create the thoughts that change our money experience? What actions can we take to create abundant flow into all areas of our lives?

The only thing

It’s simple but not easy.  ‘Change your mind and your experience changes’, explains Sterling, yet many don’t take this approach.  Instead we continue to work hard, strive, manipulate along with a host of other low energy actions all in the attempt to create abundance.

Jaden also goes on to explain that although the Law of Attraction plays a strong part in creating a powerful wealth consciousness, it’s not the only thing we need to rely upon.

Awareness of conflicting messages is the first place to begin on your journey as you uncover the beliefs that block the flow of prosperity.

Do the following messages sound familiar:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Keep your nose to the grindstone
  • Making money is difficult
  • You don’t deserve wealth and prosperity
  • You have to work extremely hard to get money

If so, chances are you have messages running in the background of your mind that prevent you from either making money or holding on to it.

Here’s the good news!

Your debilitating money and wealth messages can be changed! It’s all about finding what beliefs run your life and then going about changing them.

Watch the video below where Jaden and I talk about money beliefs and messages and what you can do to bring about a much improved money experience to your life.



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