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Potluck – A Soul Connection Among Friends

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Eating, talking and healing. Who knew it would be possible to do all three so incredibly well and stylish.


Baked trout with cranberries, over baby greens served with asparagus, red peppers and sour cream

A few of us gals did just that recently in response to changes moving through this unique group of friends. Over the years we have come together to sit and commune. Food offerings brought by each contributed to what equalled unforgettable moments.

What is it that happens exactly when we come together over a meal? Unnoticeably, defences come tumbling down, truths are spoken and dreams are shared. Cabernets and Pinots flowed, could that be it? Are we unknowingly seduced by wine, the moment, the ambiance, or is it simply the reaction to a natural set of occurrences that beautifully lulls us into magic moments allowing us to celebrate and say au revoir. Timeless, priceless and delicious. Certainly worth creating more often than not.

Potluck History

The term potluck comes from the traditional practice (not that it’s entirely unknown among us moderns) of never throwing anything away. Meal leftovers would be put into a pot and kept warm, and could be used to feed people on short notice. This practice was especially prevalent in taverns and inns in medieval times, so that when you showed up for a meal, you took the “luck of the pot.” A related term found its way into French usage, as an impromptu meal at home is often referred to as pot au feu, literally “pot on the fire.”

Potluck has renewed itself vigorously over the years.  The age old ritual of neighbours and friends bringing a contribution of food or desserts have become a popular form of entertainment. Socializing over food is not a new concept. We’ve been participating in this ritual for centuries. What is new is the stylish acclaim it has taken on.

Beautifully styled table settings, themed meals, wine pairings, speciality desserts, coffees and teas have become part of the potluck landscape. No matter what the setting or how highly stylized, the outcomes are always the same; good times, great conversations and priceless memories.

Bored? Pick up the phone, organize the troops and may the ‘luck of the pot’ be with you!

Bon appetit!

Quinoa salad with avocado, seeds and lime

Quinoa salad with avocado, seeds and lime


Author: Pamela Sylvan

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