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How to Power Up Your Forgiveness Factor

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Forgiveness.  The elusive elixir that at times we find difficult to achieve.  We fuss and fight as we swirl around in the place of ‘being right’.  We militantly stand our ground savoring and/or stewing in a state of high-handedness, totally unaware we are stuck emotionally placing our happiness in hostage.

Forgiveness champion and freedom facilitator, Annette Stanwick, knows exactly what the devastating effects of un-forgiveness can have on a person’s life and urges us to LET IT GO.  Here is someone that anyone once hearing her story would emphatically agree with her right to hold an unforgiving stance based on the circumstance that found her family one day.

When the life altering news arrived of her brother’s murder, Annette’s world spun.  The upheaval caused by a reckless moment had forever changed the fabric of her life as well as that of her family.  Her sibling’s life had suddenly and senselessly been taken.

As the ensuing court process progressed and unhappiness spiralled, Annette knew there was a choice to make if she was to ever reclaim her own life again.  Yes, she was shattered by the tragic event, but deep inside herself, she knew a deeper, higher truth prevailed, one that would make a difference akin to a miracle.

Let it go ~ Annette Stanwick

At the end of such court cases, the family or those affected by the deed of the offender are given the space to share their feelings, letting out how life had forever changed.  It’s a release for those affected and hopefully a realization by the offender of how their actions had affected not just one, but a host of others.

Annette took this opportunity to do something mind-blowing.  She forgave the man that took her brother’s life.

How many of us could find the emotional fortitude to face our sibling’s murderer and forgive?  It’s a sobering thought.  We speak of our own forgiving nature, but do we really understand what it means?   Perhaps we only have the capacity to forgive the small injustices of life.  Based on the animosity that happenings within our society in any given day, forgiveness of small infractions, much less larger ones, is an art we have yet to master.

Yes, Annette’s action would be considered unimaginable by most people.  In our daily affairs, we find it hard to forgive within our daily lives, much less life shattering deeds such as murder.

Yet it’s possible.  Just ask Annette.

I did just that.

I was curious to understand where inside she found the power to do something so improbable.  She replied that she had to do it for herself.  There is a power that resides in the forgiveness process that once released into any circumstances, it changes things, more importantly, it changes you.  When anger, self-righteousness, bitterness all which are emotional poisons continues to fester, it relegates you to a life less lived.  The flow of life slows down and in some cases, stops altogether.

If you’re finding yourself stuck or illness has taken hold of you, is there a chance you’re holding on to unresolved issues that require forgiveness, either of yourself or someone else?  Sometimes, the most difficult person to forgive is yourself.

Since that dramatic courtroom revelation, Annette has gone on to teach the art of forgiveness to many thousands of people around the world.  Her message brings hope, peace, power, ease  and most importantly, love.

She’s funny, dynamic, resourceful and a power-house, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her both in person and our time on camera.  If forgiveness is an issue in your life at whatever level, take time to receive her message and perhaps follow-up with Annette to discover how you can rid yourself of its debilitating effects.

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