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A Quest & A Way Of Life

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A touch of whimsy, style, class and a whole lot of divine aptly describes not only Melissa Caron’s line of jewellery but also the woman herself.

I had the pleasure of stopping in at Melissa’s shop in Downtown Victoria and knew as soon as I stepped through the door that this visit would be something special.  The store mirrored my love for artistry and dramatic design. Her choice of colour and the use of cabinetry created an effective backdrop for her high drama jewellery.

Men's Ring

Men’s Ring

A self taught goldsmith, she has spent over a decade perfecting her art.  I was astounded as I watched her demonstrate the foundational process of designing.  It was difficult to grasp that she had somehow taught herself to cut, twist, mold and set precious and semi precious stones that make up her portfolio inventory.

Silver, 18k and 22k gold form the foundation of her designs while precious rubies, diamonds, sapphires and so many more cascade among the contours.

The design process is layered. Each piece is made specifically for each client. Through consultation and intent listening , Melissa is able to deeply grasp the essence of the buyer.  She then uses this information to infuse each designed piece with that client’s personality. Once the final design is agreed upon, she works her magic to create the perfect design. Her pieces are not just accessories, they are art for the body, a story that lasts a lifetime.

…It’s not work at all

Her bourgeoning line of bridal pieces make up a considerable portion of her business. Rings are not the traditional look and type. Bridal jewellery clients are usually wanting to go a different route. They have a strong sense of self and are most likely establishing their second major relationship. When she explained this to me, I immediately understood! This is something I would choose for myself if getting engaged again.  It truly is ‘divine jewellery for divine women’.

My time spent interviewing Caron was joyful.  She is someone that works hard but states it’s not work at all. Time stands still as she flows into design mode.  It truly is a magical process.



Her love for the outdoors is also seen within her work. The flowing lines around her designs are reminiscent of the lines of nature.  Each piece has an organic look and feel making them truly unique and special.

A dancer, watercolour artist and mom keeps Caron quite busy. In spite of the demands of her life, her work as a goldsmith and designer flourishes.  While there, I selected my favourite piece. It was a neckpiece that signifies the goddess within. The design is gorgeous, full of life and promise.  This is what each client can expect from their created pieces, the promise of wearable life.

When asked how she sees her business unfolding over the next few years, Caron stated that she sees herself creating more pieces for men and coming up with even  more wearable art especially over the next year. As for the future of Melissa Caron Jewellery, it will unfold as the energy of designing unfolds within her.

As a first time visitor to her store, I was very pleasantly surprised by both the jewellery and the designer and yes, the store added to my overall good feeling and experience.

Well done Melissa. I look forward to your newest creations and yes, I’ll definitely be back!


Author: Pamela Sylvan






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