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Ready To Live Life With Zest and Power? She's The One To Get You There! - D & A
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Ready To Live Life With Zest and Power? She’s The One To Get You There!

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I recently experienced a life renaissance. Months away from being 50, it dawned on me that I had lived more than half my life. With a sense of calmness, I made the choice to move into the second half of my life with energy, ease and grace. Life wasn’t standing still so neither would I.

A little while back, friend and yoga teacher, Shelly Zebedee, counselled me on proven strategies to help fuel my body, mind and soul.  At the time, although I was hyped by the information she shared, I had not yet internalized or put it into practice. Life went on and so did my aches, fuzzy thinking, sluggishness and subsequent weight gain.

When finally ready to apply Shelly’s wisdom, my results where phenomenal.  Lifestyle changes that allowed the weight to slide off was only part of my experience. The most surprising part of Shelly’s teachings was the ease in which I was able to face life’s challenges.

Shelly agreed to share and outline a bit of her work with the readers of D & A. I could go on about what amazing energy she carries, but I will let her share in her own words.

Pam:  Shelly, thank you for spending time with the readers.  I’m excited to share your new business ‘Healing Heart Work’.  Could you tell us a bit more about what you do?

ShellySure Pam. Healing Heart Work refers to the universal HEART as well as the individual heart and how they intertwine as our inner calling. The concept centres around training people to listen to their inner process. Most of the time we live at a superficial level of thought and action.  By listening to the river that flows within, we find a much higher meaning in life. A process of expansion and oneness exists at the level beneath our feelings. When we learn to trust that inner process magical things happen in our lives.

Acknowledging and openly discussing it in my presence helped move her forward – Shelly with her client, Li


Photo: Jasmine Kaloudis

Over the years, I have experienced a variety of healing modalities. I found them to be disconnected from each other. In some practices, emotions are acceptable yet not in another or ‘light energy’ is a reality in one model but not believed in another, and so on.
When we segment the body in this way we deny who we are.  We are everything that appears within and outside of us.   Healing Heart Work  utilizes the total picture and fluently moves from one model to the next.

It’s the river underneath all of these paths where the key to wholeness and wellbeing can be found.  For instance, during yoga class, emotions and energies can surface, but the class stops there. The person walking out of the class never realizes their entire life could change in that instant were they able to go into their Heart healing process. A massage may bring forward and process emotions and energy but then stops before that person can see how it relates to their life’s process of expression and expansion.

Sometimes in meditation we rid the self of thoughts, while other times we are following thoughts.  Either can be useful  but what happens when a denied emotion needs expression? This is where Healing Heart Work comes in. Whatever is needed in the moment to clear and build up the client is used i.e. yoga, meditation, counselling, massage, food guidance etc.

We are all of it, emotions, thoughts, images, actions.  It’s as though we are living a great puzzle or mystery and we are sent clues in search of ourselves. The beautiful dove that silently flies by after a great loss, the bus with the man’s name on it that you then happen to meet later that day. The images and what they mean to us and how we feel and think about them make up a light grid that surrounds our field with pertinent information.

There is no one static self . There is a process, a deep, winding, flowing process and in that process there is imagery and expansion into our greater “Being“.  In Healing Heart Work the inner and outer process intersects and integrates.

Let me give an example:

Li, is a beautiful young woman vacationing in Hawaii.  One day while attempting to snorkel, she began freaking out.  She felt a strange pressure in her head, heard strange sounds, and felt terrified. Basically she felt as if she was struggling for her life.  Li agreed to let me help her through this troubling issue. With Heart work we connected through talk, healing touch and a relaxation session on the beach.

During this time of connection, I suggested ‘healing touch’ and prayer as we let our tensions drain away. The word ‘pressure’ and the idea of being pressured came through to me from the “light” prayer.  When I tell her “she doesn’t have to feel pressured in our work“  a waterfall of knowledge came flowing forward.  She was able to discuss her childhood abuse where she was pressured constantly and abused when she couldn’t perform to superhuman ability.  Acknowledging and openly discussing it in my presence helped moved her forward.

After a few moments, she felt ready to go into the water again.  Once again she struggled . We stopped and did breath and energy work. She was able to try again.  Within a few minutes she was playing in the water. She started asking nearby children to help her put her head under.  Li had let go of the pressure she had been carrying for many years.  I had no idea that the problem in the water had anything to do with a pressure she carried with her.  It came to me in inspiration.

Because she has changed on the inside there will be other changes in her life and how she lives it.  To solidify what she had begun, we met again for a session of yoga and meditation. At this point she began to ask questions about life’s meaning and her purpose within it.  One or two sessions can begin the process but for Li it let her know that there was nothing wrong with her and the last time we spoke she said she was feeling very peaceful inside.

Healing Heart Work is called forth by working from the messages life sends to us on a continual basis.  I work using massage, yoga, meditation and healing touch.  This is a time of process for the client to understand the connection they have to life and the messages their body continually transmits. The body is aware of what it needs to accomplish wholeness and wellbeing.

It’s for this reason that I ask clients to make a commitment to work through the process. Together we determine how long that would be.   A commitment allows us to follow the thread that has been given and watch as it evolves into a bigger picture.

Pam: Tell me more about your program of sessions:

Shelly: I offer the first consultation/session free. The client and I determine if working together is a good fit.   I like to begin with 10 sessions….one or two per week. From there we just let the inner river flow and allow the healing to begin. Modalities to be used is determined as we go through each session.
My experience with Shelly has helped integrate my body and mind connection. My days are started with the knowledge that I am whole, loved and worth the effort I make towards rejuvenation and wellbeing. If you’re considering making a change in how you feel in your body and life, give Shelly a call. All parts of you will be glad you did.

Healing Heart Work



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Shelly doing yoga on the ocean!

Shelly doing yoga on the ocean!



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