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Soulful Sexuality

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Are you ready to emerge into the full expression of your dynamic, radiant, powerful self and begin living the life you desire?

If you answered, ‘yes’, Angela Thurston, a feminine empowerment coach, dedicated to helping women thrive, is ready to take you through a life changing journey.

Angela came through her own journey of exploration. A huge void existed in her own life that left her feeling lifeless and without purpose.  Left feeling not good enough in all areas of her life led her to use her love of dance to discover a pathway to body movement and body love that she now shares with a host of women within her soulful sexuality coaching practice.

Angela uses skills acquired through training in many aspects of the feminine presence and embodiment. Her message to women facilitates the spiralling up of their power through the awareness of their ‘womb space’.

We leak our power  –  Angela Thurston

According to Thurston, women typically are challenged when it comes to connecting to their power. Centered in the area of the womb, lies the female’s greatest resource. Not only is this area of a woman’s body the facilitator of life, it also holds a tremendous capacity to bring us to our most glorious selves, if we allow it.

Years of conditioning in a patriarchal system have dampened women. We have disconnected from that, which if found, can bring us our greatest joy.


So how can we reconnect to that which we have lost?

To begin, Angela leads women through carefully crafted meditations that if consistently used, can affect change through increased awareness, appreciation and grounding of a woman’s inherent energy.

“We leak our power’, states Thurston, ‘we are unconscious of the fact that we have access to a source that if tapped, will empower us in every area of our life’.  A series of classes and workshops are also available for women to connect to their source and power.

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Prior to our online chat, I used Angela’s meditation on three occasions.  At first, no change was immediately apparent. However, I did begin to notice an increased awareness of self.  It was easier to connect to higher thinking when the situation called for it.  Did the meditation have anything to do with how I now perceived myself? Perhaps. Either way, the meditation brought in relaxation and increased self awareness around my body and the thoughts I firmly held about myself.

Angela’s topic can be challenging.  Entrenched, long standing beliefs about what is acceptable regarding our sexuality and bodies keep us stuck and unfulfilled. Angela offers release from the ties that bind us.  She provides a safe space for discussion and discovery allowing the unfolding of pure awareness and sensuality.

Ladies, the time has come to move into our brilliant selves. Listen in as Angela outlines her work and how she came to champion women towards a whole new experience of themselves.  Visit Angela’s website for more details:

Soulful Sexuality




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