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She's Making 50 Fabulous - D & A
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She’s Making 50 Fabulous

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She does it all; organizing, inspiring, sharing, giving and creating because of her one over-riding vision; helping women get unstuck and reach new heights.

It was refreshing to speak with Dianna Bowes, Creative Director of Fabulous at 50, a network for women that have arrived at the prime of their lives.

We chatted on about this definitive time of a woman’s life and what it means to have crossed over to such an exciting time.   As someone that is usually in the company of women searching for something more, she is both empathetic and gracious, knowing exactly what these women are all about because she herself had walked that road.

As she spoke, I understood that drive for more.  It’s something I felt as I neared the half century mark.  The feeling of dread and not knowing what the future held, left me and I’m certain many other women somewhat lost.

Dianna’s creation allow women to seek out and experience themselves in a vibrant, purposeful  and powerful way, something that may be new for them as they try to understand what life now holds for them.  Once only a spark in her imagination, this popular and quickly expanding network is now a driving force in her life and that of the women that have aligned themselves with Fabulous at 50.The only thing

Dianna walks the talk of transformation.  As someone that experienced hardship, loss, poverty and illness, she managed to pull herself to heights unimaginable to those in similar circumstances.  She knew that if change was to occur it had to start in her own mind.

Fast forward to today and it’s clear to see how her tenacity to never give up  has positively affected others to follow in her footsteps.  Recently, a local Victoria chapter was launched under the direction of Annie Pool.  As Victoria’s first Managing Director for Fabulous at 50, Annie has the privilege to guide women to experience their lives in a whole new way.

Boomer women are a unique group. Hardworking, loyal and having come through an era where women had clearly defined roles now leave many in the unique situation of wading through old beliefs to a new way of thinking about themselves and their lives.

Dianna and her network, which now includes Victoria and Calgary, with expansion planned into more cities, understands the needs of women at this stage.  I personally have experienced an event.  The Fabulous at 50 Martini Party warmed my heart.  Managing Director Annie, pulled together an excited team of ladies that gave of themselves to ensure the audience had a memorable time, and I hear the best is yet to come!

“I started this group because I felt there was something missing in the community for the average woman. Women’s lives have changed so much: work, family, community, so much to do. But there’s little time to spend on keeping us connected with other women and who we truly are. This is an age of transformation – your body, your family, your career – so much is changing. I started this group, not just for a place to meet other women, but to be inspired by other women, to grow and most of all to move forward, letting go of the crap we women manage to carry around and finding something new to feel excited about being in this age of transformation.” Dianna Bowes

Listen in as Dianna and I chat about what it truly means to be fabulous at 50 and beyond!

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