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Get Confident With Your Jiggly Bits

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Mesmerizing. Electrifying. Beautiful and intelligent.

She’s all these things and more.   It only takes one introduction to the sexually effervescent Ms. Rosie Bitts to know you’re in the presence of someone extremely special.

I first came across Ms. Bitts at an awards evening in Victoria, BC.  She floated into the room with an air of confidence I rarely see in a woman.  She knew she commanded attention with her striking red hair, reubenesque figure, and attention grabbing sense of fashion.

My curiosity was on high alert.  An interview was in the making.

As the evening progressed, I lost sight of the fascinating red-head until in one grand moment, there she stood on the stage.  I immediately knew something interesting was about to happen.

It did.


rosiebitts5Clothing started to peel off and gyrating and jiggly body parts took over the spotlight, all the while galvanizing those that watched.  The moment was rare as we watched Ms. Bitts perform her erotic dance for a room mostly full of women.

It seemed almost counter-intuitive. For a brief moment I panicked knowing my minister-mom, also in the room, was taking in the ever exposing bits of Ms. Rosie.

As the performance went on, it was apparent that it didn’t matter if you were female or not, mom or not, shy or not, this red haired woman knew how to draw you in.  As the performance neared the end with the crowd rooted in spot, wondering if they would catch a glimpse of her full beauty, she stripped off the top of her costume and everyone went wild. It was over.  She was by far, the most wonderful and entertaining thing I had witnessed in a long time.

Long after the furor of thunderous applause abated, her performance continued to flash through my mind.  I wondered where her huge sense of self had come from.  How did she do what she did?  Even more so, how did she take her clothes off with a body that jiggled in places?  We live in a society that abhors jiggle in women.  Women strive, mostly in vain, to achieve the ‘perfect’ frame and for the most part, live in shame that perfection either cannot be attained or held on to.


I had to find the answers to these questions and I was thrilled when Rosie agreed to speak with me on camera.  It was a delight to speak  about her career as a burlesque performer and confidence coach.  She teaches women to own the entirety of who they are, as they are.

I inquired if taking off one’s clothes was a perquisite to feeling good. Apparently not, yet learning the art of burlesque allows women to own all of who they are with love and appreciation. ‘ It’s not about attaining perfection, it’s about building a powerful awareness that you are perfect as you are.’ stated Rosie.

She performs at various venues enchanting and enthralling her audiences wherever she goes.  Her costumes are vividly beautiful and feminine, just like her.  I must add one caveat,  no one that watched Ms. Bitts perform that night thought it sexual or vulgar, actually it was the opposite.  It was simply a woman owning her perfect beauty and showing us onlookers that we are beautiful just as we are, too.

Listen in as Rosie shares her world of confidence building and dance with us….

Rosie’s website:  Best Bitts Productions

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