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She’s The ‘Silver Bullet’ to Weight Loss

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The real problem to ‘out of control eating and weight gain’ is simply this, ‘we don’t take time to nourish ourselves nutritionally and emotionally’.

These words of wisdom are what weight management counsellor, Grace Gerry, sees as the issue plaguing those who can’t acquire or maintain their ideal weight.  The diet industry earns billions in revenue each year from hopefuls attempting to once again climb on the weight treadmill only to find themselves sliding back and in many cases adding additional weight, causing further frustration.  The cycle can be debilitating to those caught up in this mindset.

So, what’s the answer?

Grace, someone that once had her own weight struggles, understands the triggers that create havoc for those in this weight cycle see-saw.  It comes down to understanding the stories spinning in your head.  For many, weight is something that is separate from the rest of their life.  The connection between emotions, feelings and acceptance of self slide past conscious decisions as work begins to control habits around food and exercise.

If you eat more than you need, you’re wasting it on the inside ~ Grace Gerry

Profound.  Unconscious eating contributes greatly to weight gain.  The over-abundance of calories we consume are not needed, we don’t receive additional nutritional value, yet we continue to over-feed ourselves.

The ‘silver bullet’ to maintaining lasting weight loss is to make friends with yourself.  Grace takes time to know her clients and to clearly gauge how they treat themselves.  When she hit on this point, I felt triggered. It immediately dawned on me that I wasn’t taking the necessary time to treat myself well.  Time was not carved out to feed my emotional life.  I raced through my day in order to plow through various to-do lists, forgetting about the most important aspect in the equation, me.  This discovery brought tears to my eyes. It was shocking that despite all I do, I continually forgot about me.


Healthy choices that are fun to eat!


Do you do this? Are you forgetting to put yourself first in all things? If so, why? The answer to this can very well be the catalyst to the change you seek.

Are you ready to change your story and your results around weight?  Before you get on the treadmill again, do so with  smart planning.  Lack of information is not an issue. We are awash with the how-to’s of weight loss. What’s now needed is a plan that is geared toward your emotional life and mindset.  If you see yourself as someone that can’t lose weight or worse, underserving of attaining healthy weight, your journey will be difficult. Even if you manage to reach your goal, maintaining it will be a struggle you most likely will end up losing.

Grace is someone that understands the path to emotional healthy weight.  Our conversation on the topic has already shifted how I engaged with my own body and eating habits.

Grace is offering a free call April 8, titled, Top 3 Reasons Women Regain Weight and How To Take Control. Join her as she shares her wisdom on the topic!

Listen in as we animatedly chat about our own thoughts and highs and lows experienced around this topic that has grabbed the minds of so many.



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