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A ‘Stable Table’ Approach to Coaching & Life

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She ‘got’ me right from the word go.

Her appearance, use of language and presentation style, basically her entire persona screamed, ‘I’m different’ and I took notice, something that’s not easy to do.   Almost on a daily basis I see masses of people engaged in a variety of activities all vying for attention, so it was very cool to come across Marcell Hanson.

I connected with Marcell, mother, entrepreneur and business strategist at an art gallery not long ago.  Once home, I immediately headed to her ‘About’ page on her website to excavate the ‘what-up’ of this unconventional coach.

Marcell Hanson, Business Strategist & Kick-Butt Life Coach

Marcell Hanson, Business Strategist & Kick-Butt Life Coach

I quickly came to the conclusion she was not for everyone, and knew she had that special ‘something’.   She’s tenacious and relentless about results.  If you arrive on her doorstep, it’s with the knowledge there’s work to do with no room for excuses.  If you’re not ready to let go of what’s holding you up or getting in your way, then the results you seek will be a long way off.

Her style breaks the coaching mold. Her unorthodox approach is refreshing.  Marcell is not one for layers of ‘stuff’ that stand in the way of knowing and understanding her clients. She breaks through barriers quickly and you’re left to decide if you can handle the ‘light’ of wisdom she powerfully shines on your situation.

The only thing

Don’t get me wrong, she wants the best for her clients, however, she believes that as adults, we have the responsibility to move and act in ways that indicate to ourselves and the world we  have control of our life and/or business.  It’s a must if success is to be achieved. ‘If you can’t control your personal actions or will, how can you expect results or hold the space for others to do the same?’, states Hanson.

The Stable Table Approach to Life

I was curious to know how she personally handled the many facets of her life.  She introduced me to her ‘Stable Table’ strategy which goes something like this:

In order for a table to be considered stable, four stable legs must be in place. In our lives, our barometer of steadiness consist of hydration, sleep, exercise and nourishment.

Coming from a business strategist, I found her approach unique, but as she went deeper with her explanation it made perfect sense.  Marcell is the personification of discipline and action.  She creatively integrates the stable table approach in her coaching curriculum and within the scope of her own life.

Many of us go through our days cloudy, fuzzy and lacking energy.  Our ability to make sound decisions lacks power. We also live in a frenzied world which competes for our attention therefore draining our energy stores quickly.  When we ignore our responsibility to rest, nourish and subsequently move and circulate we run into a deficit situation which could turn into negative consequences.

Marcell went on to share a host of powerful insights, none of which I could dispute. During our talk I began to identify the places where I needed to take action to ensure my own stable table experience.

Listen in as this ‘kick-butt’ coach shares her vision on what it takes to live your best life.

Marcell Hanson, Shift Your Game,



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