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Sandra Yancey – Defining Success and Building the Dream

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Building the ‘dream’, whatever it may be, is foremost in the minds of those aspiring to do great things in the world.

‘Generating businesses or careers that are meaningful and financially viable requires a good deal of tenacity, planning, execution and  a healthy dose of connectivity to others’, cites Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, Inc., International Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Movie Producer and Bestselling Author.

Yancey developed one of the largest networking organizations in North America, simply by filling a much needed niche for women wanting to gather around, learn and do business with other like-minded individuals on the rise.

In 2000 from a room above the garage of her Dallas, Texas home and with little business experience, eWomen was born.  eWomen Network is a multi-million dollar enterprise in six countries with 118 chapters that help thousands of women grow their businesses.

The power of the network makes all the difference to your success. ~ Sandra Yancey

During our online chat, we discussed the obstacles that present themselves while building a solid business.  When asked what the #1 challenge women face on the journey to success, Yancey pointed to herself,  maintaining that it always come back to a place of responsibility which resides within ourselves.  We get in the way of our dreams.  What we think or don’t think impedes our progress.  Mindset is king or in this case, queen.  Surrounding one’s self with positivity and the forward thinking power of others either on the same track or that have gone before us is a unique but much needed ingredient to achievement leading to fulfillment and happiness.

We also went on to discuss, her most recent achievements including what she is doing to keep herself sharp and tuned in to life as she continues to scale her own dreams.

Listen in as we exchange thoughts on business building and most importantly, creating a life full of meaning, joy and abundance.



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